What is RSCA?

Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) is our inclusive term for all investigative, experimental and creative work and achievement in which our faculty and students engage. Research is a central tenet of the scientific disciplines and allows for new ideas to be rigorously tested and new knowledge to be created. Scholarship and creative activity allow our humanities and arts faculty and students to author new written works and create new works of art in all forms of artistic expression. Collectively, RSCA puts all of our faculty at the forefront of their fields and allows our students to be exposed to that creativity. As a student, that exposure will not only allow you to learn from leaders in the field, but will also enrich your student experience and will give you practical tools and experiences to use in your future academic or professional endeavors. By definition, you cannot be a passive participant in RSCA: you will be a valuable contributor to the creation of new works and knowledge and will be helping to move a field forward - a great opportunity you should not pass up!