Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Advisory Council

The SJSU Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Advisory Council provides strategic vision to advance the state of research, scholarship, and creative activities at San José State University. The RSCA Advisory Council advises the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR), providing feedback and suggestions on RSCA-related initiatives, policies, and procedures. The Council also facilitates communications with the colleges and serves to provide the AVPR with independent reviews for limited submissions and financial conflict of interest.


The RSCA Advisory Council is comprised of one representative from each college and the university library, each appointed by their respective dean.

College Representative Title
Business Meg Virick Associate Dean
Education Ellen Middaugh Interim Faculty Associate Dean for Research
Engineering Xiao Su Associate Dean, Graduate Studies & Research
Graduate Studies Marc d’Alarcao Dean
Health and Human Sciences Joe Grzywacz Associate Dean of Research and Faculty
Humanities and the Arts Mary Anderson Associate Dean for Faculty Success and Research
Professional and Global Education Sandra Hirsh Associate Dean for Academics
Science Miri VanHoven Associate Dean of Research
Social Sciences Clifton Oyamot Interim Associate Dean of Research 
University Library Anamika Megwalu Interim Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Engagement

Meeting Protocol

The RSCA Advisory Council is chaired by the AVPR and meets monthly in the academic year, or more frequently as needed. Meetings during the summer months are held at the discretion of the Council.


If you have any items or topics you would like to bring before the RSCA Advisory Council, please contact the AVPR at