IACUC Protocol Submission Requirements

All animal activities must be approved by the IACUC before an animal related activity commences. The IACUC will not conduct retroactive review or approve any animal-related activity that has already been completed or is considered ongoing. Personnel are expected to submit animal care and use protocol submissions for IACUC review no less than 60 days prior to the project initiation date. In an effort to expedite the protocol review process, personnel are encouraged to allow pre-review of the protocol application by the ACFOM or a Veterinarian (as required) before formally submitting materials for IACUC consideration. 

Protocol application submissions must be reviewed, approved and submitted by a University faculty member or by the Campus Veterinarian identified as the ‘Principal Investigator.’ The appropriate submission form must be submitted complete and accurate. Alterations to the IACUC-approved protocol cannot be made (including methods, materials, species, personnel or animal numbers) without prior review and written consent by the IACUC. Descriptions of the various animal care and use submission forms are outlined on the IACUC Protocol Submission Forms page.