IRB: Educational Materials

Introduction to the IRB: Who and Why

Find out about the various team members involved in the IRB process and the ethical considerations in place for human subjects research.

Related Documents

Students as Research Subjects – A Guide to IRB Protocol Considerations [pdf]

Introduction to the IRB: What and When

Learn about when submission of an application is needed and the different review types and timelines related to the IRB process.

Related Documents

Exclusion Worksheet [pdf]
Use this worksheet to determine whether an application package must be submitted to the IRB Office for your project. 

Is This Human Subjects Research? [pdf]
Test your knowledge after watching the above video by reading examples of project proposals and evaluating whether they meet the definition of human subjects research.

Table of Exemption Review Categories [pdf]

List of Expedited Review Categories

Other Educational Documents

Informed Consent Handbook [pdf]
Includes comprehensive instructions for preparing consent and assent documents for different kinds of research. For writable templates, visit our forms and documents page.

Data Management Handbook [pdf]
An educational resource intended to help researchers who want to conduct research with human participants construct an effective data management plan as part of their research proposals. For related checklists and templates, visit our forms and documents page.