Limited Submission Program

woman outside studyingSponsoring agencies sometimes restrict the number of applications or proposals that a campus can submit. The SJSU Office of Research runs a Limited Submission Program to ensure that SJSU does not exceed the allowable number of proposals and that the projects with the most promise are submitted to the sponsor.

Once a principal investigator (PI) identifies a limited submission to which they wish to apply, they need to submit a notice of Intent (NOI)/letter of intent (LOI) via SJSU’s InfoReady portal.

Here is how the process works:

The limitd submission guidelines for these programs require organizations to screen pre-proposals to determine which applications will be submitted for external competition.

The Office of Research uses the SJSU Notice of Interest (NOI) process to gauge campus interest in an institutional limited submission in response to a sponsor’s call for a Request for Proposal (RFP).

STAGE 1 | NOI Application:

Prior to the NOI deadline, principal investigators (PIs) interested in applying to a limited submission program must apply using the NOI application via the InfoReady review web portal by selecting the program announcement and clicking the APPLY button.

The NOI InfoReady application will require the name of the PI, any co-PIs, and the subject or title of the proposed project. The NOI deadline is listed within each limited submission posting.

NOIs are used to determine the level of interest within the SJSU community for a given opportunity. If the number of NOI submissions does not exceed the maximum allowed by the sponsor’s program guidelines, an internal competition (Stage 2) will not be necessary.

After the NOI deadline, if slots remain available, PIs interested in applying to a limited submission program may still have the option of submitting an NOI through the InfoReady review web portal by emailing . Applications will be approved in the order they are received until all available slots are filled.

If the number of NOI applications exceeds the maximum allowed by the sponsor’s program guidelines, the internal competition will proceed to Stage 2.

STAGE 2 | Pre-proposal to Submit:

If the number of NOIs exceeds the allowable limit for an RFP, an internal review of pre-proposals for each NOI will be required. This process will vary depending on the sponsor‘s timelines and requirements.

PIs will receive an email notification no later than two business days following the NOI deadline about the need for a STAGE 2 internal competition, any additional information required, and instructions on how to submit the additional information. Evaluation criteria will include — but not be limited to — the quality of the proposal, the work described therein, the probability of successful funding, and how it supports the mission of SJSU.

Once projects are selected, PIs will receive an email notification. All applicants approved to move forward with a full proposal to the sponsor must work with the appropriate office (Research Foundation or Tower Foundation) for submission. PIs are encouraged to work with their Research Development Specialist on application content.

Within the application process, the PI must identify their Dean and Chair who will review the LOI and approve it, or provide comment on any denials. PIs should ideally contact their Dean and Chair ahead of LOI submission to discuss the intended project. The Interim Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR) will evaluate all submitted letters of intent based on (1) completeness of LOI based on requirements, (2) quality of the proposed work, (3) how well the proposal fits the sponsor’s guidelines, and (4) the perceived chances of successful funding based upon the sponsor’s criteria. The PI will receive an email from the InfoReady portal indicating whether or not the Interim AVPR approves the submission of the proposal — normally within one week of LOI deadline.

Faculty Responsibility: 

Researchers/teams selected to apply for limited submission opportunities are responsible for working with the appropriate administrative units to prepare strong proposals and to submit these proposals by the designated deadline. Researchers/teams that decline the selection must notify the limited submission office as soon as possible, so the slot may be assigned to another team. Notifications must be sent to the Office of Research at . Failure to provide this prompt notification to the Office of Research is information the review committee may use in future decisions.


If a PI submits a full proposal to a sponsor for a limited submission opportunity and it is not funded, that project will have no preference over other projects in any subsequent limited submission processes. To be considered for any subsequent limited submission opportunities, a new or revised NOI/pre-proposal must be resubmitted to a new InfoReady limited submission opportunity, and it will be evaluated against competing projects, as necessary.

View all the RFPs currently within SJSU’s Limited Submission Program. If a limited submission opportunity you want to apply to is not listed on the InfoReady portal, or you have questions about the process, please alert the Office of Research at to request it be added.