Limited Submission Program

woman outside studyingSponsoring agencies sometimes restrict the number of applications or proposals that a campus can submit. The SJSU Office of Research runs a Limited Submission Program to ensure that SJSU does not exceed the allowable number of proposals and that the projects with the most promise are submitted to the sponsor.

Once a principal investigator (PI) identifies a limited submission to which they wish to apply, they need to submit a letter of Intent (LOI) via SJSU’s InfoReady portal. Within the application process, the PI must identify their Dean and Chair who will review the LOI and approve it, or provide comment on any denials. PIs should ideally contact their Dean and Chair ahead of LOI submission to discuss the intended project. The Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR) will evaluate all submitted letters of intent based on (1) completeness of LOI based on requirements, (2) quality of the proposed work, (3) how well the proposal fits sponsor’s guidelines, and (4) the perceived chances of successful funding based upon the sponsor’s criteria. The PI will receive an email from the InfoReady portal indicating whether or not the AVPR approves submission of the proposal –normally within one week of LOI deadline.

View all the RFPs currently within SJSU’s Limited Submission Program. If a limited submission opportunity you want to apply to is not listed on the InfoReady portal, or you have questions about the process, please alert the Office of Research at to request it be added.