Student RSCA Competition Finalists 2022

The 2022 SJSU Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Competition on March 17 saw students from five SJSU colleges compete for a place in the 36th Annual California State University (CSU) Student Research Competition, hosted virtually by San Francisco State University on April 29 and 30. 

The videos below are those submitted to the CSU event by SJSU's five student finalists. Competitors needed to demonstrate:

  • clarity of purpose
  • appropriateness of methodology
  • interpretation of results
  • value of the research or creative activity
  • ability of the presenter to articulate the research or creative activity
  • organization of material presented

After the video presentation each student, or group of students, was required to answer questions from a live judging panel. 

Undergraduate Finalists

Justise Wattree

College of Humanities and the Arts, Humanities and Letters

First Place Winner: 36th Annual CSU Student Research Competition in the category of Humanities, Arts and Letters (Undergraduate)

Justise WattreeFaculty Mentor: Erick Johnson, College of Humanities and the Arts, Humanities and Letters

Project Video: The Two-Front War: Self-Help and Black Health Activism during The Spanish Flu, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19

Group Project

Amarachi Aladi (College of Social Sciences, Economics), Dan Minh Nhu Nguyen (College of Science, Mathematics and Statistics), Evelyn Tran (undeclared), Quyen Nhi Tran (College of Science, Mathematics and Statistics)

Student researchers group shotFaculty Mentor: Egbe-Etu Etu,  Assistant Professor, Marketing and Business Analytics, College of Business

Project Video: Retrospective Literature Review on Racial Disparities Pre-COVID and During COVID-19 Pandemic

Graduate Finalist

Roberto Campbell

College of Engineering, Engineering and Computer Sciences

Roberto CampbellFaculty Mentor: Magdalini Eirinaki, Professor, Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, 

Project Video: Reinforcement Learning for Defense of Software Defined Networks using MARL and Self-play


Alumnae Finalists

Dani Heinonen

College of Social Sciences, Psychology 

Dani HeinonenFaculty Mentor: Jill Citron, Lecturer, Psychology, College of Social Sciences

Project Video: An Evaluation of Student Perceptions of Campus Climate at San ​José State University

Kristina Smith

College of Education, Child and Adolescent Development

Kristina SmithFaculty Mentor: Ellen Middaugh, Associate Professor, Child and Adolescent Development, College of Education

Project Video: Examining Social Media as a Context for Positive Youth Development During COVID