New Campus Center or Institute Proposal Guidelines


Per University Policy S22-1 [pdf], you must include each of the items listed below in your proposal for it to be considered complete. Once complete, you may route your proposal to the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR) at via the administrative dean for the CCI*. 

* If the academic unit intends to provide support to the CCI based on the services it offers, the administrative dean must attach a memo documenting the need and plan for such startup support prior to the proposal being routed to the AVPR. 


  • Names of those initiating the proposal.
  • Name of the campus center or institute (CCI).
  • Statement of purpose of the CCI.
  • Table of organization.
  • Description of the organizational structures, community partnerships, and all related organizational documents.
  • Name of the founding director appointed by the administrative dean. If applicable, the proposal may specify a faculty nomination process to recommend a director for consideration and appointment by the administrative dean.
  • Description of the evaluation process for the CCI director.
  • Description of how the CCI will aid the research, scholarship, creative activity, education, and/or public service of participating members of the faculty and how their activities will continue on a reasonably permanent basis.
  • Description of planned activities.
  • Description of faculty and student involvement.
  • Standard operating procedures including, but not limited to, how new faculty members will be selected to participate in the CCI and how faculty members may be removed.
  • Business plan specifying the target audience, marketing strategy, resources required and how resources will be used.
  • Explanation of how space will be allocated and where the CCI will be located.
  • Five-year financial plan of the CCI (ref. Five-Year Budget Template), including:
    • Funding sources and any specific financial support
    • Explanation of the ROI if university money is used
    • Estimated time to become financially self-sustaining (i.e. no longer receiving university support)
    • A substantial Tower Foundation component in the CCI budget plan (over 10% in year 5) must be clearly stated.

CCI Toolkit

For best practices, refer to the Campus Centers and Institutes Toolkit [pdf].


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