Celebration of Research 2021 Announcement

Celebration of Research 2021 Banner.

I am delighted to announce the return of San José State University’s annual Celebration of Research event. The Celebration of Research 2021 will be held virtually 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm on April 29. 

This will be a vibrant virtual event with interactive features and video presentations honoring our faculty and student researchers and highlighting their Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) that is taking place at SJSU.

The Spartan spirit, coupled with a culture of determination and focus on academic excellence and the expansion of the base of knowledge through research and scholarship, had never been more important than over the last 12-months. Thanks to the leadership of President Papazian, RSCA is a strategic priority for SJSU, and nowhere will this be displayed more proudly than at our annual Celebration of Research. We will celebrate the world-class RSCA endeavors of our faculty members, our undergraduate students making that first leap into the world of research with the support of an SJSU faculty mentor, and our graduate students who have demonstrated the skill and aptitude for advanced public-impact research.  

We will announce our 2020 Early Career Investigator Award winners, Dr. Ellen Middaugh, Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Development, and Dr. Thomas Madura, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy. We will honor the 2019 winners, Dr. Kimberly Blisniuk, Assistant Professor of Geology,  and Dr. Yue "Wilson" Yuan, Assistant Professor of Justice Studies. We look forward to celebrating our winning SJSU Student RSCA Competition finalists, and enjoying a performance from SJSU's Choraliers.  Additionally there will be a special screening of the student-produced "Breakfast" a short story by John Steinbeck, in collaboration with our Steinbeck Center.

The winners of the SJSU Grad Slam will also be announced live at the event. Grad Slam is an exciting competition in which graduate students deliver compelling three-minute presentations of their research, scholarship or creative activity. Each presentation is a test of the student’s ability to engage a wide audience as they communicate the importance of their project. After playing videos of the five finalists, we invite the Celebration of Research audience to vote in real-time to select the People’s Choice award.

I am very proud of our SJSU RSCA community. You continue to push forward your research agendas, at every level, despite the numerous challenges we are facing. Your ability to continue to engage in RSCA during these challenging times is commendable at the highest level. This 2021 Celebration of Research has never been more deserved, and I look forward, wholeheartedly, to sharing in your achievements.

Congratulations to you all!

Dr. Mohamed Abousalem
Vice President for Research and Innovation