Competitive Faculty Fellowships

Competitive faculty fellowships are short-term non-philanthropic or philanthropic monetary awards sponsored by a specific organization through a competition and awarded to a faculty member to support their academic pursuits. Competitive fellowships are designed to support a range of activities, including advanced research/scholarship within a specific field or particular issue; developing a new community-based organization or initiative; training and reflection to support the fellow's growth, or opportunities to further explore a specific field area of scholarship.


The Research Foundation is responsible for managing the proposal approval and submission process for competitive faculty fellowships (refer to this memo [pdf] for details). See below for a list of examples. If you wish to apply for one of these listed fellowships or any other competitive faculty fellowship, please email Deborah Maloney at the Research Foundation or call (408) 924-1421.

Preparing to Apply 

Competitive faculty fellowships can be an important stepping stone to a successful RSCA trajectory within your academic career. Research Development, in collaboration with the Provost's Office of Faculty Success, provides a Competitive Faculty Fellowship Workshop that illustrates how faculty can strategically use these fellowships to maximize your future competitiveness for extramurally funded RSCA opportunities. In addition, Research Development will support you in creating the most competitive application possible with strategic review and editing of the narrative and assurance of the quality of proposal components before submission to the Research Foundation.

RD Workshop on Faculty Fellowships (10/21)

Name Funder Award
Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program

Carnegie Corporation of New York

The program awards $200,000 fellowships to exceptional scholars, journalists, and public intellectuals, making it possible for recipients to devote their time to significant research and writing.

Career Enhancement Fellowship

Institute for Citizens and Scholars

$30,000 stipend; Fellow’s institution is expected to supplement the stipend so that the Fellow receives his/her academic salary and yearly health and benefits coverage

Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Ford Foundation

One-year stipend of $50,000; fellowship funds may be disbursed through the employing institution if necessary for the continuation of health insurance or other benefits

Johnson & Johnson Scholars Award Program

Johnson & Johnson

Aims to fuel the development of female STEM2D leaders by sponsoring them at critical points in their careers. This is a three-year award in the gross amount of $150,000, paid to the university for the benefit of the scholar

NEH Awards for Faculty

National Endowment for the Humanities

Awards of up to $60,000 support humanities-based scholars at HSIs who will work between half time and full time on their projects

Residential Fellowships

National Humanities Center

The Center seeks to provide half salary up to $65,000. Fellows have the choice to receive their stipend directly or paid through their institution

Sloan Research Fellowships

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Fellowships are for a two-year term, beginning on September 15th of the award year. Fellowships are paid in a single lump sum of $75,000. Funds may be used by the fellow for any expense judged supportive of the fellow’s research including staffing, professional travel, lab expenses, equipment, or summer salary support

Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

National Academy of Education

Fellowships of $70,000 are intended as salary replacement for one year and to cover other research expenses outlined in the proposal

The Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship

The Whiting Foundation

The Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship of $50,000 is for public-facing projects far enough along in development or execution that the nominee can present compelling, specific evidence that they will successfully engage the intended public.