Language Schools

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Academy of Spanish Language

(408) 252-0400

1035 S. De Anza Blvd, Suite 8, San Jose, CA 95129

The Academy of Spanish Language focuses on instructing students from 3th through 12th grade, with also dedicating lessons to aspiring adult learners. Our philosophy derives from encouraging students to practice writing, reading, and speaking the language, while having the opportunity to become exposed to rich audible sources that will enable them to listen and comprehend the various accents that Spanish speakers over the world own.

Our classes are conducted entirely in Spanish that is based on our original program. Younger students commence with simple conversations while absorbing new vocabulary through rudimentary reading and writing exercises. Mature students work on their grammar, writing, reading, and conversational skills with more appropriate activities

Adroit College-Korean School 

(408) 805-4554

Adroit College offers the best Korean program in the Bay area, and it has full program from Beginning to Advanced levels as well as special programs such as Korean with BTS songs, Korean Cooking class, and TOPIK test preparation courses.

Alborz School

(408) 829-8296

Alborz Farsi School was established in September of 2004. Founders of Alborz started this program with the goal of being the top center of excellence for teaching Farsi in Northern California.

Our goal at Alborz is to reach more students to teach our culture, language and heritage. In addition to this we hope to continue our quest for students to receive foreign language credits, in various districts in Northern California. It is our mission to inform and educate modern Iranian-Americans to read and write Farsi, as well as learning the importance and beauty of their culture.

It is with great honor and privilage to announce that starting July 2014, Alborz Academy has become the first and only supplementary Farsi program to receive accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This great achivement has enabled our students to receive accreditation in different levels of their education.

Alborz is located at 1954 Camden Ave. #3 San Jose , Ca. 95124 (408) 829-8296. This center is designed to better match Alborz unique and highly successful semi-private teaching style of very small classes where six or less students seated around a teacher and each get their own customized curriculum matching his/her grade and capability level. 

Alliance Française Silicon Valley

(408) 445-2095

Willow Glen Community Center, 2175 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, CA 95113The AFSCV or Alliance Francaise San Jose is the official center of French Language and Culture in Silicon Valley. We offer French classes in San Jose, Menlo Park, Campbell, Santa Cruz and it’s neighboring communities. 

California Tamil Academy

(775) 552-2620

14435 C Big Basin Way #179, Saratoga, CA 95070-6091

Tamil language is an ancient South Indian Language with a long history and rich literature and comprehensive grammar. The main objective of International Tamil Academy (ITA) is to teach Tamil language to the Diaspora Children and Youth. In addition to teaching Tamil, ITA encourages Cultural activities such as music, dance, drama and any art form based on Tamil language and Tamil culture to promote Tamil and Tamil culture. 

Cambodian School of San Francisco

(415) 823-8824

3225 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, California

Our mission is to teach Khmer language to Cambodian children and adults who live abroad and are interested in learning the language, while preserving the value of our culture and helping to support Khmer kids to stay and be successful in school by offering free tutoring to khmer (K-12) kids in math, reading, writing, science and social studies/history; homework help; and college/career advices. Our tutors will also act as mentors and role models for Cambodian Youth. Our goal is to raise Cambodian high school and college graduates to be at a similar level to those of other immigrants. 

Center for Lao Studies


405 Grand Ave., Suite 202; South San Francisco, CA 94080, and

65 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USADear Friends of Lao Studies,

Sabaydii and welcome to the Center for Lao Studies’ (CLS) official website! The Center for Lao Studies is a unique organization that serves both as an academic and a resource center for scholars, the general public, and persons of Lao heritage around the world. Our mission is to advance knowledge and engagement in the field of Lao Studies through research, education and information sharing. Our vision is to be an institution that leads and excels in the pursuit of knowledge in the field of Lao Studies. At the Center for Lao Studies, we provide an opportunity for all to use our resources, participate in our programs, and to be educated and informed on all issues pertaining to Lao Studies.

The Center for Lao Studies, a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, was formed in 2006 as a result of the First International Conference on Lao Studies. CLS was created in response to a void in Lao Studies at the time; in university settings, Lao Studies tended to fall under the umbrella of bigger fields of study and under various administrative structures, such as Centers for Southeast Asian Studies or Centers for Asian Studies. Lao Studies has rarely if ever been the main focus of these fields —Lao specialist faculty is almost nonexistent, Lao language is not taught, and research and publications on Lao-related topics are rare. The Center for Lao Studies has been committed to filling this void by working with academic institutions and community organizations around the world to initiate exceptional programs.

What makes the Center for Lao Studies stand out is our devotion to exclusively developing and promoting the field of Lao Studies. We achieve this through four main objectives:

Promote Lao Studies in Academia through the International Conference on Lao Studies and Summer Study Abroad in Laos Programs;

Collaboration between Academia and the Community established through the Lao Oral History Archive, cosponsoring of the International Lao New Year Festival, and through partnerships with institutions, universities and non profit organizations in the U.S. and abroad;

Promote Research and Publication of the peer reviewed Journal of Lao Studies, manuscripts from the International Conferences on Lao Studies, and other scholarly publications that advance and preserve the languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples of Laos; and

Serve as a Resource Center for scholars, students, community members and the public on all things Lao.

Lao Studies encompasses the study of all Lao disciplines related to and representing the five major groups:

All ethno-linguistic groups of Laos (e.g. Mon-Khmer, Hmong-Mien, Lao-Tai);

Lao Isan and other ethnic Lao groups in Thailand (e.g. Lao Song, Phuan, Phu Tai);

Ethnic Lao living in Cambodia;

Cross-border ethnic groups in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Burma and Cambodia (e.g. Akha, Hmong/Miao, Khmu, Iu-Mien, Lao Phuan, Tai Leu, Tai Dam, Tai Daeng, Shan); and

Overseas Lao (e.g. Lao American, Lao French).

At the Center for Lao Studies, we are passionate about elevating discourse on Lao Studies to that on par with other regional studies departments, and are proud of our accomplishments in creating several one-of-a-kind programs. Our members and volunteers around the world have been crucial to our success, and we invite you to join our community in support of expanding awareness of our programs and increasing our impact in the field. Thank you for visiting us – we hope you will take advantage of all the Center for Lao Studies has to offer. Kop Chai! 

German American School Association of Northern California


PO Box 10394, San Jose CA 95157

We are an umbrella organization representing the seven independently operated German Language Saturday School in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The organization is headed by a board consisting of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. Each school is represented by 1-2 delegates who meet approximately every two months. 

Golden Gate Language Schools


591 W. Hamilton Avenue, Suite 101, Campbell, California, 95008-0521

USASince our doors first opened in 1979, we have had the privilege of teaching English to international students and professionals from over 100 countries. We take great pride in our reputation for academic excellence and offer every learner a program of personalized quality instruction in a friendly and enriching atmosphere.



(408) 596-1270

650 N Winchester Blvd, Suite #2, San Jose, CA 95128

LMLC’s language program is a great resource for English Language Arts students of all grade levels, bilingual families or anybody looking to expand their linguistic horizons. We offer classes in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, Korean, Hindi, and Punjabi. Whether the student is looking for a firmer grasp of his or her native tongue, or looking to take on and master a new language, our qualified instructors can help. Our teachers can help raise your child’s reading level, improve his or her grammar, and even prepare your high school student for the AP and SAT2 exams in a group or individual setting.


Madhu Bhasha Kendra Hindi School

(510) 682-424943006

Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538

MBK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Madhu Bhasha Kendra is dedicated to keeping Hindi language and Indian culture alive. Supplementary Education Program is accredited by WASC.

Mandarin Academy

408-634-5437 (voicemail box)

6191 Bollinger Road, Cupertino, CA 95014

Mandarin Academy offers a wonderfully unique learning experience for young Chinese learners in the heart of Silicon Valley. We believe that being bilingual is one of our biggest gifts we can give to our children. Children are immersed in English in daily life at the store, in after school activities, and in our neighborhood so to learn Mandarin, it is important that they spend many hours per school day immersed in the language.

Kindergartners and first graders will spend about 80% of their school week interacting in Mandarin Chinese. In the fall, our kindergarteners start out by studying Zhuyin Fuhao System of Phonetic Notation (i.e. BoPoMoFo). This helps students to self-teach the pronunciation of more complicated characters throughout their lifetime.

Our primary teaching focus is a strong foundation in Mathematics & Traditional Chinese characters. Pinyin & Simplified Chinese characters are introduced in the fourth and fifth grade levels. Our first graders learn double-digit subtraction and single-digit multiplication in Chinese. Most remarkably, they are reading stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk in Chinese. While many first graders struggle to read those stories in their first language, our students are doing it in a second language. This is all due to the talents and skills of our exceptional teachers.

North Valley Chinese Language School

(408) 982-6583

P. O. Box 32723, San Jose, CA 95152

North Valley Chinese School (NVCS) has been providing Chinese language and culture education programs for students in the greater San Jose and Milpitas area since 1998. North Valley Chinese School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in the San Jose Berryessa area. 


(408) 439-5283  

1257 Avis Dr, San Jose, CA 95126

OKAVANGO is a daycare home offering preschool and after school program for children ages 18 month and up. This bilingual Russian/English program was opened in 2011. Our goal is to produce happy, intelligent, well-adjusted children and to offer the best possible care for children so that parents and their children will both enjoy the experience of early education. We speak both languages here Russian and English as well as our kids. Classes also are taught in both languages.

Razi Farsi School and Art Academy

(408) 828-8494

4125 Blackford Ave #145, San Jose, CA 95117

Razi Farsi School and Art Academy is an institution of higher learning located in San Jose, California. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding our students as they grow and develop, teaching them our literature, music and our culture. 

San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin - Language School


640 N 5th St, San Jose CA 95112

The San Jose Betsuin Japanese Language School was established in 1907 to meet the needs of Japanese immigrants. Over the years the school has continued to evolve to serve the community’s needs.

This school is located in the heart of San Jose’s Japantown, one of the three last remaining Japan Towns in the United States.

Our mission is to teach Japanese language and culture to children and adults, who might or might not have had previous exposure to Japanese language or culture. Our earliest memories when learning our first language are hopefully positive ones. Our goal is to use similar methods to help you and your children learn and have an enjoyable experience with Japanese language.

As a center of learning we strive to use best classroom practices and teaching methods to help our students experience success with Japanese language in not only in a classroom but in social and business settings. Our school also provides plenty of performance opportunities for those who like to perform!

San Jose Learning Center

(408) 359-7552

Silicon Valley Korean School

10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014

Founded in 1974, Silicon Valley Korean School (SVKS)  is America’s largest school teaching Korean language and heritage. We serve the San Jose and entire bay area communities. SVKS is a California nonprofit corporation and a federally approved non-profit 501(c)(3).

With over 800 students and more than 40 teachers, we are the only Korean school in the bay area able to educate our students about Korean language and culture by both fluency and age group. Our students feel comfortable learning with their peers and our programs include beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Classes are available for students ages 5-18 and adult classes are also offered. A pre-k program is also available for children ages 4 years and up.

SVKS is located in Cupertino and serves children from all over the bay area.  Classes are offered Saturdays during the school year, except certain holidays, from 9:30am-12:40pm at Cupertino High School located at 10100 Finch Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014 (cross street is Stevens Creek Boulevard).

We are affiliated with the National Association of Korean Schools. 


South Bay Deutscher Schulverein

(408) 266.5100

San Jose Christian School (Host School)

1300 Sheffield Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

We are a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of California that has been promoting the study of German as a Second Language and serving the Silicon Valley area since 1964.

We offer classes at all levels ranging from pre-school to high school as well as beginning, intermediate and advanced levels for adults. Classes are taught by an experienced faculty from Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

Please visit our curriculum page for more details on our programs and tuition rates.

The main objective of the School is to provide an opportunity to learn the German language in a contemporary context. Students are taught to speak, read and write in German, and are introduced to German customs, history, culture, literature and songs.

To ensure high quality instruction, teachers are selected both for their knowledge of German and their teaching ability. Most of our instructors are native speakers of German and are well qualified to recognize the proficiency of their students.

SBDS is part of the German American School Association of Northern California (GASANC). 

Thai Language Center

(415) 242-1598

2448 15 Avenue, San Francisco , CA 94116-2523

The Thai Language Center (TLC) was founded by Saninuj Sawasdikosol, aka Pong or P. Moral, her pen name, in 1994 in the San Francisco Bay Area for the purpose of serving Thai and American customers who need linguistic help. Many individuals and companies responded to this service and consequently TLC expanded into several departments and companies. 


Van Lang


Gunderson High School - 622 Gaundabert Ln, San Jose, CA 95136

The San Jose facility belongs to the Van Lang Vietnamese Language Instruction System, which has been formed and directly operated by volunteers of the Federation of Young Vietnamese Volunteers Organization. The Center is established with the following objectives:

To educate the public on the variety of community issues and services.

To educate young children about cultural preservation.

To provide assistance for youth residing in San Jose and Santa Clara County.

To sponsor special events involving the public of any or all of the above objectives.

The San Jose Center is dedicated to promote and preserve Vietnamese culture. It enrolls approximately 1000 students, aged from 6 to 20, classified into 12 different skill levels, and grouped into 35 classes. The Center is directly ran and taught by about 100 selfless volunteer teachers. Annually the Center organizes the Children Talent Show, Van Lang Community Day and Volunteers Appreciation Day with the goal of creating a tight bond and friendship in the community in order to instill a sense of fraternal relationship.

In order to preserve Vietnamese culture and to raise a young generation being aware of the Lac Hong heritage, the Center has taken the adage, First Learn the Proper Conduct, Secondly Literature, to be the pedagogical truism. This truism in practice is manifested in the parallel teaching of behavioral lesions plus Vietnamese history together with Vietnamese language. Additionally, the students will study cultural mores, the appreciated aspects, and the beauties of Vietnam.

Meshed into classroom hours are activities moments, outdoor picnics and community events. These extra-curricular activities are opportunities for students to learn to live compatibly with friends, nature as well as with people of the same Vietnamese heritage.


West Valley Chinese Language School

(408) 839-7001

21370 Homestead Road, Cupertino, CA 95014

Established in 1963, West Valley Chinese Language School (WVCLS) is the Bay Area’s oldest non-profit Chinese language and culture learning after-school program in the Santa Clara County.  It is also the only school in the area that teaches primarily Cantonese.