Bias Incident Resource Team

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Welcome to the Bias Incident Resource Team (BIRT) home page! 


The purpose of a bias response team is to collect reports of incidents of bias that have impacted  the campus community. They reach out to and work to provide support to reporters and impacted  parties, as well as work to engage them in voluntary educational activities such as conversations,  trainings, and workshops. They keep up with emerging trends that may impact the campus  climate. They do not discipline, punish, and/or sanction community members. 


SJSU community members reserve the right to thrive, learn, and participate in activities freely,  while being who they are. Bias response teams provide the campus community with an  opportunity to address the impact of actions that do not fall in under the category of a university  policy violation and/or violation of the law. 

Reporting Process for BIRT

How the Bias Incident Resource Team receives and responds to bias incidents.