Alec Giurlani

Academic Advisor, H&A Student Success Center

Alec Giurlani.

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While I was a student at SJSU, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer by Dr. Hidalgo in the health center. I was only 21 at the time and scared of what was to come from my diagnosis. However, Dr. Hidalgo was supportive during my time at SJSU while I received care from Stanford Hospital. My boss at the time, Gisela Gray-Peoples, and the entire College of Humanities and the Arts were so understanding and worked with me through my whole cancer journey.

I never expected SJSU to be such a kind and loving family that supported me throughout my entire academic time. Thankfully, I am more than five years cancer-free and working full time at SJSU! Working at San José State showed me how wondering this university truly is. I am grateful for the entire university and the opportunity to give back as an academic advisor!