Environmental Studies Department Scholarships

The Department of Environmental Studies is pleased to announce several scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, to be awarded in Spring 2024. 

Don’t be shy, apply! 

  • John MacElmore Scholarship ($2,000 in award funds, undergraduates students)
  • Frank Schiavo Environmental Scholarship ($1,400 in award funds, undergraduate students) 
  • John Luckhardt-Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship ($5,000 in award funds, graduate students) 
  • David J. Powers Scholarship ($2,000 in award funds, undergraduate and graduate students)
  • Richard G. Bufton Memorial Award for Environmental Toxicology ($2,000 in award funds, for undergraduate and graduate students)


To be eligible for any of these scholarships, you must be an enrolled student and a major in the Department of Environmental Studies with a GPA of 2.75 or higher.  


For full consideration, submit all materials listed below as a single attachment by 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 19, 2024 to environmental-studies@sjsu.edu

Only complete applications will be considered, you must include the following:

1. Application Form [pdf]

2. Statement of Interest (750 words) that describes the following:  Your demonstrated commitment to environmental protection; your goals beyond college for promoting a sustainable future; any special financial needs that you may have. If you fit the priorities for a particular scholarship, be sure to mention them in your statement.

3. Brief budget showing how you would use the scholarship money. Include items such as:  Tuition fees, room and board, transportation; books and supplies, research expenses; other unmet costs associated with your education in Environmental Studies.

4. Current Curriculum Vitae or Resume 

5. Transcripts showing your GPA (unofficial transcripts are fine)

6. Name and contact information for at least one Environmental Studies faculty member willing to recommend you 

7. MS award applicants should also include a thesis project abstract (200 words, including objective and general methodological approach), as well as a general timeline to thesis completion, including major milestones.


Scholarships available for Spring '24 (most funds will be disbursed in Fall 2024)


If you are selected for a scholarship, you must:

1.  Submit a personally-signed thank you letter to the Department of Environmental Studies, addressed to the scholarship provider. The letter should include information from your application essay. Materials for releasing the funds will be provided only after the letter is approved by the Department of Environmental Studies.  

2.  If awarded a Luckhardt fellowship, give a presentation on your research to the West San Jose chapter of Kiwanis International within one year of receiving funding.

For more information, please contact the department of Environmental Studies via the department Live chat service or email at environmental-studies@sjsu.edu 


*Note: The Department of Environmental Studies faculty scholarship committee reserves the right to distribute or not distribute all or part of each scholarship as it deems appropriate, within the requirements set by the founders of each award and depending on the qualifications of applicants.