Benoit Delaveau


benoit-delaveauBenoit, now 48, has dedicated his life to the art of photography since the age of 14.  Practicing his passion as a landscape photographer, he has worked alternately as a photographer, digital photography technology guru, professor, and journalist in many areas related to imaging and photography during the first part of his career.

As a returning student in the U.S., Benoit graduated in 2008 from U.C. Berkeley with a double BA in Mass Communication and Sociology and a minor from U.C. Berkeley Energy and Resources department (ERG).  Since then, Benoit's main focus has been climate change with a focus on energy conservation in buildings.  Behavioral conservation and adoption of energy efficient new technologies are his two favorite research topics.  Benoit graduated in 2011 from San José State University, with a MS in Environmental Studies.  Benoit's thesis (available on is focused on the environmental impacts of the photo processing industry in the Bay Area, near San Francisco, California.

In April 2012, Benoit co-founded, an energy efficiency consulting firm created with one of his former college professors and privately funded by executives from Silicon Valley.  NRGwise is the first energy efficiency audit company that only focuses on the residential and commercial building environments in San Francisco, Bay Area.

Courses Taught

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Green Building Design Issues

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