Patrick Ferraro


Lecturer at San José State University

September 2009 – present (6 Years)

M.S., Civil Engineering, San José State University


(408) 293-1852

Washington Square Hall 115A


Pat is a passionate sustainability advocate, focused on water and a whole earth perspective, acting locally at home, in his neighborhood, in a watershed, in a region, state, country and the planet, in that order.

My goal as a lecturer is to inspire students to be knowledgeable and involved with water policy development.  l also want these water scholars to become somewhat fluent in the language of engineers and water resources administrators and the systems used to provide water for human societies while protecting the natural environment from harm.

In the Fall 2014 semester, I began lecturing in two courses, team-lecturing with Eric Rosenblum, for both the Introductory and Advanced Environmental Impact Assessment courses for the Environmental Studies Department (ENVS/URBP 185 and 190.  Recently joined LinkedIn forum on Environmental Impact Assessment.

The Fall 2015 semester will be filled with discussions of both evolving water policy and management of our precious water resources, as I will be lecturing for both ENVS 128 and ENVS 129.

Do drop in for a serious chat about water.

Never Thirst!

Courses Taught

  • ENVS 128: Water Resource Management
  • ENVS 129: Water Policy in the Western U.S.