Amanda Stasiewicz



Department of Environmental Studies & 
the Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center

Ph.D. Natural Resources and Society, University of Idaho
M.S. Conservation Social Science, University of Idaho
B.S. Environmental Science, Siena College


Research Interests

  • Human Dimensions of Wildfire
  • Fire Adapted Communities
  • Cooperative Wildfire Management
  • Forest, Rangeland & Wildfire Policy
  • Programs and Partnerships for Addressing Natural Resource Management Issues
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Social Science in Natural Resource Management.


Dr. Amanda Stasiewicz is a wildfire social scientist whose research primarily focuses on how local populations, fire professionals, and emergency managers adapt and respond to wildfire risk and changing wildfire circumstances. Her primary research areas include:

  • Wildfire policy adaptation and innovations: including the development of new programs for mitigating wildfire risk, the tailoring of wildfire policies to the specific socio-ecological conditions, and the proliferation of policies across socially diverse contexts.
  • Fire adapted communities (FACs): including how different communities progress towards local and regional/landscape-level wildfire adaptation goals and how pathways toward wildfire adaptation vary across socially diverse communities.
  • Evacuation planning and behavior: including how different sub-populations of administrative units (e.g., fire districts, counties) intend to react during a wildfire event (e.g., evacuate immediately, stay and defend), how residents prepare for their intended wildfire evacuation behavior, and how to maximize civilian and firefighter safety during wildfire evacuation and response
  • Collaboration and cooperation during wildfire preparation and response: including relationships between local and extra-local fire suppression entities during suppression, and citizen-agency partnerships for wildfire prevention and mitigation.

Courses Taught

  • ENVS 124: Introduction to Environmental Law