2014 Self-Study Report Appendices

Appendix 1.1 Examples of Community Engagement [pdf]

Appendix 1.2 SJSU Strategic Plan Vision 2017 [pdf]

Appendix 1.3 SJSU Timeline of Events [pdf]

Appendix 1.4 Senate Policies in Response to WSCUC [pdf]

Appendix 1.5 Fact-Finding Report on Dorm Incident [pdf]

Appendix 2.1 List of Committee Members and Calendar [pdf]

Appendix 2.2 Report of the 5 Proficiencies Task Force [pdf]

Appendix 2.3 Worksheet for Self-Review [pdf]

Appendix 2.4 Compliance Checklist [pdf]

Appendix 2.5 Screenshot of Canvas Homepage [pdf]

Appendix 3.1 ARC Presentation on ULG Development [pdf]

Appendix 3.2 Report of the MOM Task Force [pdf]

Appendix 3.3 Map of ULGs to PLOs for UG Programs [pdf]

Appendix 3.4 Report on PLO Mapping for Graduate Programs [pdf]

Appendix 3.5 Report of Student Advertising Group [pdf]

Appendix 4.1 Table of Status of Core Competency Assessment [pdf]

Appendix 4.2 CLA reports 2011-13 [pdf]

Appendix 4.3 NSSE Reports 2008-2011 [pdf]

Appendix 4.4 Summary of Information Literacy Assessment Online Part 1 [pdf]

Appendix 4.5 Summary of Information Literacy Assessment Online Part 2 [pdf]

Appendix 4.6 Summary of Info Literacy and Written Communication Assignments Assessment [pdf]

Appendix 4.7 Academic Integrity Statistics and Reports [pdf]

Appendix 4.8 Sample Writing Instruction Manual and Micro-Insertions [pdf]

Appendix 4.9 Summary of Pilot Oral Communication Assessment [pdf]

Appendix 4.10 Summary of Pilot Quantitative Reasoning Assessment [pdf]

Appendix 5.1 Summary of Leading Indicators of Student Success [pdf]

Appendix 5.2 Report on Student Survey of Advising [pdf]

Appendix 5.3 Report to NSF on STEP grant [pdf]

Appendix 5.4 Report on Remediation [pdf]

Appendix 5.5 Report on Early Start Performance [pdf]

Appendix 5.6 Report on Statway Performance [pdf]

Appendix 5.7 Report on Udacity Partnership [pdf]

Appendix 5.8 Summary of Student Academic Standing [pdf]

Appendix 5.9 Degree Audit Report [pdf]

Appendix 5.10 Sample Curricular Courses and Programs Using HIPs [pdf]

Appendix 5.11 Summary Student Success Interventions [pdf]

Appendix 5.12 Sample of Targeted Support Programs [pdf]

Appendix 5.13 Report on SSETF Funding [pdf]

Appendix 5.14 Timeline of Student Affairs Development [pdf]

Appendix 5.15 Report on Assessment in Student Affairs [pdf]

Appendix 6.1 Sample Program Planning Self-Study Reports [pdf]

Appendix 6.2 Summary External Licensing Exams [pdf]

Appendix 6.3 Sample of Annual Assessment Form [pdf]

Appendix 6.4 Sample of Program Plan Action Plans [pdf]

Appendix 6.5 List of Reviewed Program Plan Self-Studies [pdf]

Appendix 6.6 Report on General Education at SJSU [pdf]

Appendix 6.7 List of Student Affairs Assessment Documents [pdf]

Appendix 7.1 Description of New Construction [pdf]

Appendix 7.2 Summary Center for Faculty Development [pdf]

Appendix 7.3 Report on Leadership Development Program [pdf]

Appendix 7.4 Diversity Master Plan Hiring Map [pdf]

Appendix 7.5 Summary Resources provided by the University Library [pdf]

Campus Poster 1 - Overview [pdf]

Campus Poster 2 - Student Success [pdf]

Campus Poster 3 - University Learning Goals [pdf]

Campus Poster 4 - Planning and Assessment [pdf]