SPARTANS Occupational Career Life Studies Program

The Successful Postsecondary Access and Related Transition Activities for Neurodiverse Students Occupational Career Life Studies (SPARTANS OCLS) Program is designed for college-aged students with intellectual disabilities who did not meet the original admission requirements at SJSU. The program aims to provide inclusive academic, social, and work experiences to support their pursuit of independent employment based on person-centered career goals.

Each student’s path in the SPARTANS OCLS program is individualized according to their person-centered plans. The program is a two-year, non-degree, non-residential program offered through a collaboration between the College of Health and Human Sciences, the Lurie College of Education, and the College of Professional and Global Education at SJSU.


The 36-unit program consists of the following components:

  1. General Education (GE) Requirements: A minimum of 12 credits, including 1 course from each of the four GE areas, selected through person-centered planning;
  2. Job Track Requirements: A minimum of 12 credit hours, selected through person-centered planning; and
  3. Supervised Job Internship(s): A minimum of 12 units, including 6 units of SPARTANS OCLS Internship Seminar and 6 units of SPARTANS OCLS Internship for on- and off-campus job placements/internships related to the chosen job track.

Note: This program is not currently eligible for Federal Financial Aid. 

Contact Us 

Jihyun Lee
Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Tel: (408) 924-1986

Sudha Krishnan
SPARTANS OCLS Assistant Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Special Education 
Tel: (408) 924-3681

Matthew Love
Assistant Professor, Special Education 
Tel: (408) 924-3695