Orientation Leaders


Orientation Leaders Position Name Major
What is one tip you would like to share with an incoming student?
Abe Headshot Orientation Leader Abraham Perdomo Sociology- Concentration in Community Change No one knows who you were, be unapologetically yourself, and be who you want to be, do what you want to do, no one cares! 
Ada Headshot Orientation Leader Ada Ochuru Child and Adolescent Development Remember that self-care is important and don’t dwell on the past look to the future.
Arianna Headshot Orientation Leader Arianna Nicole Orsua Forensic Science- Concentration in Chemistry Introduce yourself to your professors, or at least try to! They're there to help you and in doing so, you can build better relationships for the future when you need help and/or need to talk to someone about your major or your future career goals. 
Belizario Headshot Orientation Leader Belizario Ramirez Jr.  Business Accounting  Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, get involved in the campus as much as you can and take advantage of the benefits SJSU has to offer. 
Desiree Headshot Orientation Leader

Desiree Castro

Forensic Science- Concentration in Biology; Minor in Chemistry

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s so many resources and people who are willing to guide you through your experience here at SJSU. 
D'Netrus Headshot Orientation Leader

D'Netrus Chevis-Rose


A great college experience requires an open minded attitude to become as socially involved as possible.
Dominic Headshot Orientation Leader

Dominic Treseler

Political Science

Find your perfect study spot, whether that's the library, your favorite coffee shop, or a park near your place, finding a place separate from where you live, where you can really live is essential. 
Erica Headshot Orientation Leader

Erika Monroy


Don't be shy...be excited to start your new journey and meet new people. Get involved around campus.
Garrett Headshot Orientation Leader

Garrett Howe

Mechanical Engineering

Try out many new things, don't limit yourself.
Jasmine Headshot Orientation Leader

Jasmine Tai


Always take advantage of all the resources a university offers to you. 
Kavya Headshot Orientation Leader

Kavya Trivedi

Mathemetics- Integrated Teacher Education Prep

Take risks. No matter how hard or scary it may be, trying something out of your comfort zone provides new experiences, memories, and valuable lessons that can be cherished for a lifetime. No matter the outcome, every new opportunity can help you grow.
Leo Headshot Orientation Leader

Leo Plazola

Aerospace Engineering- Minor in Japanese

College is a fun and wild ride, so enjoy it while it lasts. While you are here to study and earn a degree, the memories made here are worthwhile. Never forget to put yourself first and always try new experiences. Remember, what you get out is what you put in. Also, have fun!
Luis Headshot Orientation Leader

Luis Cruz 

Environmental Studies

A tip I would share to an incoming student is to be confident about who they are here at SJSU because at the end of the day our college is very diverse so we all have different background, struggles, emotions that we go through. It might feel intimidating at first to be an incoming student and that's totally fine. 
Madi Headshot Orientation Program Assistant Madi Medina Journalism In college, you will have time to learn more about yourself. Whether it be personally, academically, or both, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. Being “comfortable” with being “uncomfortable” will help you experience new things and ideas that will help mold you into a strong, multifaceted person.  
Matthew Headshot Orientation Leader Matthew Camacho Business Administration Don't be afraid to try new things, you never know what'll click! 
Meghan Headshot Orientation Mentor Meghan Jernigan Communication Studies Be a "yes man." In other words say yes to any and all opportunities that come your way because you may find new passions, make connections, or even experience something you would've never otherwise experienced if you hadn't taken the chance.
Nestor Headshot Orientation Mentor Nestor Pantoja Liberal Studies Teaching Prep Definitely try to get involved! Not only does it make your time at SJSU much more worthwhile, but its a really great opportunity to get to know your interests a bit more and meet new people along the way!
Rodrigo Headshot Orientation Leader Rodrigo Saucedo Psychology- Minor in Chicanx Studies Go out and explore your interests and find a community that shares those interests. 
Shruthi Headshot Orientation Leader Shruthi Ravisankar Business Explore and try the many different things that SJSU had to offer while putting yourself out there and making the most of your college experience!
Val Headshot Orientation Leader

Valeria Echeverria

English Prep for Teaching

Get involved, don’t let outside activities distract from you from your courses.