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SpartUp is an inclusive, collaborative, interdisciplinary innovation ecosystem joining SJSU Research & Innovation, SJSU academic colleges, community organizations, and industry. Together, we provide a web of support for all SJSU innovators.

Support SJSU Innovation

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SpartUp Incubator Takes Flight

On September 22, San José State University launched SpartUp Incubator, an interdisciplinary program that supports nascent businesses created by SJSU students, alumni, faculty and staff, in front of an estimated 200 students and prospective partners at SJSU’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library.

Intellectual Property Notification

Online Intellectual Property Notification Forms are provided to initiate the disclosure process. The Office of Innovation will work with the lead investigator to use information from the online Notification to prepare a complete Disclosure.

Full Intellectual Property Disclosure

If you are familiar with the disclosure process, you may elect to bypass the notification step and start the process by preparing a draft full disclosure. The Office of Innovation will work with the creators to prepare a complete Disclosure.

Sponsor Student Projects

SJSU students represent the next generation of creative and technical minds. They are resources to explore the relationship between science, engineering, technology, and the humanities. Our Industry-Sponsored Student Projects provide industry the opportunity to access this unique resource.  

License SJSU Discoveries

As a university, we must be transformational for our students, faculty, and community. A key to being transformational is to create meaningful impact from SJSU innovation by creating new products and services that have a transformative impact on society. Our office works with industry, community partners and researchers to help new discoveries reach society to improve the lives of others.

Industry-Sponsored Research

SJSU offers a variety of opportunities to connect world-leading researchers and technologies with industry partners to drive innovation and economic or social impact. Our industry alliances team will work with you to facilitate connections within the university to meet your research needs.

SpartUp Incubator

The SpartUp Incubator Program provides a unique experiential environment for Spartan entrepreneurs (students, faculty, staff and alumni) to learn and practice real-world entrepreneurial skills that position them to succeed as startup founders and principals, employees, and commercializing researchers.