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Authored Books:

2020 (2022 paperbook). Monograph book: Cross-Tradition Engagement in Philosophy: A Constructive-Engagement Account (Routledge / peer-reviewed).


2019. Monograph book: Semantic-Truth Approaches in Chinese Philosophy: A Unifying Pluralist Account (Lexington Books / solicited / peer-reviewed).


2009. Monograph book: Substantive Perspectivism: An Essay on Philosophical Concern with Truth 
(in the "Synthese Library: Studies in Epistemology, Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science" monograph series, vol. 344; Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer / peer-reviewed). [This is a peer-refereed monograph in the area of philosophy of language and metaphysics, in which I elaborate a distinct theory of truth after giving four case analyses of Tarski's, Quine's, Davidson's and Daoist approaches.]



2009/2010 Reference book
Chinese Philosophy A-Z
((Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press; 2009 / reprint with revisions 2010).
[This is a concise alphabetic guide to the main concepts, figures, topics and important movements of thought in the whole history of Chinese philosophy.]


Edited Volumes:

2022. Edited anthology book 《中國哲學研究的方法論反思:比較哲學與哲學分析》
[Reflections on Methodology in Studies of Chinese Philosophy: Comparative Philosophy and Philosophical Analysis ]
(北京: 商務印書館Shang-Wu-Yin-Shu-Guan [Beijing: the Commercial Press]). (In Chinese)


Mou 22


2019. Edited reference book (four-volume set) Chinese Philosophy: Critical Concepts in Philosophy
Volume 1: Identities, Methodologies, Unity of Truth, Good and Beauty
Volume 2: Moral, Social and Political Philosophy
Volume 3: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Reflection on Science

Volume 4: Philosophy of Language, Mind and Logic
(in Routledge’s “Critical Concepts in Philosophy” series; London and New York: Routledge).

         Mou_CP reference book_2018

2018. Edited anthology volume
Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy: Constructive Engagement (Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers). 
[A podcast interview on this book, conducted by Malcolm Keating on 26 May 2020 and posted on 23 July 2020



2018. Co-edited (with Nevad Kahteran who is primary editor & translator) anthology book:
Nove Granice Kineske Filozofije [New Frontiers of Chinese Philosophy / 《中國哲學新探索》]
(Sarajevo: El-Kalem). (In Bosnian)

2013. Co-edited (with Richard Tieszen) anthology volume
Constructive Engagement of Analytic and Continental Approaches in Philosophy: From the Vantage Point of Comparative Philosophy
(Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishers).
(Contributions, most of which are unpublished pieces written for the volume, from Christian Beyer, A.P. Martinich,
Todd May, Soren Overgaard
, David Woodruff Smith, Richard Tieszen, May Tiles, Graham Priest, Tommy L. Lott,
Lajos L. Brons, Sandra A. Wawrytko,Marshall D. Willman, Mario Wenning, and Bo Mou.)


2009. Edited reference book History of Chinese Philosophy (London and New York: Routledge).
(This is considered to be the first volume to offer a comprehensive, in-depth, and accessible reference guide to the major topics and movements that have shaped Chinese philosophy over the last three thousand years. Contributing chapters, all of which except of one are unpublished pieces written for the volume, from Antonio S. Cua, Chung-ying Cheng, Edward Slingerland, Chris Fraser,Yiu-ming Fung, Kim-chong Chong, Xiaogan Liu, Vincent Shen, Alan K.L. Chan, Whalen Lai, Shu-hsien Liu, Chung-yi Cheng, Xinyan Jiang, Chenshan Tian, Sor-hoon Tan, and Bo Mou.)


2008. Edited collection Truth, Meaning, and Method: Selections from the Philosophical Writings of Donald Davidson
Beijing , China : Shang-Wu-Yin-Shu-Guan [the Commercial Press]; 2008)
[Total 22 Chinese translations of Davidson's essays: 15 essay-translations by me <13 modified versions of previous translations
and 2 new translations>; proofreaders of other 7 translations by others]. (In Chinese)


2008. Edited anthology volume Searle's Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy: Constructive Engagement
(Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishers).
(The anthology includes Searle's keynote essay and 15 engaging pairs of essay-reply dialogues, each of which consists of one previously unpublished essay by some expert(s) and Searle's engaging reply, and which are organized into four subjects respectively on mind, language, morality, and meta-philosophical & methodological issues. Contributors are John R. Searle, Chung-ying Cheng, Chris Fraser, Joel W. Krueger, Robert E. Allinson, Soraj Hongladarom, A.P. Martinich, Yiu-ming Fung, Marshall D. Willman, A.T. Nuyen, Kim-chong Chong, Chris Fraser & Kai-yee Wong, Avrum Stroll, B. Jeannie Lum, Yujian Zheng, and Bo Mou.)


2006. Edited anthology volume Davidson's Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy: Constructive Engagement
(Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishers)
(Contributions, all of which are unpublished pieces written for the volume, from Michael Krausz, Koji Tanaka, Stephen Angle, David Wong,
Yiu-ming Fung, Samuel Wheeler, Yujian Zheng, A.P. Martinich, Kim-chong Chong, Yang Xiao, Chung-ying Cheng, and Bo Mou.)


2003. Edited anthology volume Comparative Approaches to Chinese Philosophy
(Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing Company).
(Contributions, most of which are unpublished pieces written for the volume, from A. S. Cua, Chung-yin Cheng, Robert Allinson, Bryan Van Norden,
Robin Wang, Rui-ping Fan, You-zheng Li, Robert Neville, Chad Hansen, Qingjie Wang, Bo Mou, Chenyang Li, JeeLoo Liu, Chuang Liu, and Yiu-ming Fung.)


2002. Edited anthology volume Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophies:
Contributed by Recent Chinese Ph.D. Recipients in Philosophy in North America
(Beijing, China: The Commercial Press) (in Chinese).


2002. Edited anthology volume Contemporary Inquiries into Fundamental Issues of Philosophy:
Contributed by Recent Chinese Ph.D. Recipients in Philosophy in North America
(Beijing, China: The Commercial Press) (in Chinese).


2001. Edited anthology volume Two Roads to Wisdom?: Chinese and Analytic Philosophical Traditions
(Chicago, Ill.: Open Court).
(Foreword by Donald Davidson; and contributions, all expect of two of which are unpublished pieces written for the volume,
from  Nicholas Rescher,Robert Neville, Adam Morton, Lik Kuen Tong, Chung-yin Cheng, Shu-hsien Liu, David Hall, You-zheng Li,
Chad Hansen, Kwong-loi Shun, Yiu-ming Fung, Robert Allinson, Ji-yuan Yu & Nicholas Bunnin, Bryan Van Norden, and Bo Mou.)