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  • 2019. The English translations of most of the cited selections from the Chinese classical texts (including the Yi-Jing, the Lun-Yü, the Xun-Zi, the Lun-Heng, the Dao-De-Jing, the Zhuang-Zi, the Gong-Sun-Long-Zi, the Xiao-Qü, the Er-Di-Zhang ) in Bo Mou’s monograph book Semantic-Truth Approaches in Chinese Philosophy: A Unifying Pluralist Account (Lexington Books).

  • 2008. The further revised Chinese versions of the 13 previous translation of Donald Davidson’s essays and two new translations (i.e., Davidson’s “The Structure and Content of Truth” and his “Foreword” [“On Analytic Method and Cross-cultural Understanding”] article for Two Roads to Wisdom?) by Bo Mou together with the Chinese versions of other 7 essay (translated by other scholars and proofread by Bo Mou) are included in Bo Mou (ed.) (2008), Truth, Meaning, and Method: Selections from the Philosophical Writings of Donald Davidson, ed. by Bo Mou (Beijing, China: Shang-Wu-Yin-Shu-Guan  [the Commercial Press]). 

  • 1998. Martinich, A. P. ed: The Philosophyof Language (as co-translator and and general-proofreader) (Beijing, China: The Commercial Press, 1998).  (Strawson, P.F.: "Meaning and Truth", Church, A.: "Intensional Semantics", Kripke, S.: "Speaker's Reference and Semantic Reference", Searle, John: "Proper Names", Evans, G.: "The Causal Theory of Names", Quine, W.V.: "Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes", and those mentioned below that are included in this anthology---Davidson, D.: "Truth and Meaning", "On Saying That", "What Metaphors Mean", Strawson, P. F.: "On Referring", and Donnellan, K.. "Reference and Definite Descriptions". ) 

  • 1993. Davidson, D.: "Truth and Meaning", "In Defence of Convention T", "On Saying That", "Radical Interpretation", "Belief and the Basis of Meaning", "Reply to Foster", "On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme", "The Method of Truth in Metaphysics", "Reality without Reference", "A Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge" and its "Afterthoughts", "What Metaphors Mean", "The Logical Form of Action Sentences", and "Mental Events" in Selections from the Philosophical Writings of Donald Davidson (Beijing, China: The Commercial Press).

  • 1990. Graying, A.C.: Introduction to Philosophical Logic (Beijing, China: Chinese Social Sciences Press).

  • 1988. Alston, William: Philosophy of Language (as co-translator) (Beijing, China: Sanlian Publishing House).

  • 1988. Russell, B.: "On Denoting", Strawson, P. F.: "On Referring", Donnellan, K.: "Reference and Definite Descriptions", Ryle, G.: "Systematic Misleading Expressions", Hacker, M. S.: "Semantic Holism: Frege and Wittgenstein" in Selections of Philosophy of Language (ed. by Ji-liang Tu) (Beijing, China: Sanlian Publishing House).