Global Field Experience

During the second summer session of our 3-year Ed.D. Leadership program, our doctoral students may partake in a two-week educational and cultural experience outside of the United States. Watch the documentary video above to learn more about an earlier EdD cohort’s global field experience in Costa Rica.

This experience - Education and leadership in a global context - extends from our course Education and Leadership in Global Context: Globalization & Narrative Ethics, which provides global perspectives on education and leadership in contemporary society with emphasis on social, political, and economic factors that affect access and equity and the role of leadership.

In previous years, our cohorts of doctoral students have been able to travel to locations such as Costa Rica and Finland to gain a comparative perspective between the educational systems, policies, and practices in those countries and the educational system, policies, and practices in the United States. In Summer 2024, our students will travel to Spain. 

The global field experience is an optional part of our Ed.D. Leadership Program.  The anticipated cost is $3000.