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Future UndocuSpartans

San José State University is home to a diverse population of undocumented scholars. Learn about the CSU Admissions Application, ways to afford college, and the opportunities available to connect with the USRC during the admissions process. 

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Paying For College

There are many resources available for undocumented students to pay for college. Learn more about In-state tuition (AB 540/SB 68), the CA Dream Act Application (CADAA), scholarships that don't require a SSN, and more. 

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Graduate School 

 Learn about the SJSU graduate studies resources, options to go to grad school for undocu scholars, and ways to pay for your studies. 

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Free Legal Aid

Immigrant Legal Defense (ILD) provides free immigration services to ALL SJSU students, staff, faculty, and immediate family members. Appointments are available year round. 

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Professional Development 

Resources for undocumented students related to occupational licensing, background checks, entrepreneurship, paid fellowships, and more.

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Meet with the USRC

Have questions regarding resources and services that are available to students who are undocumented? USRC staff are available to meet with students in person or online. 

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