Employee Reporting Obligation

All SJSU employees are required to promptly report any knowledge of a possible Title IX related incident to the Title IX Office. This also includes Student Employees and Resident Advisors (RA's). If you do not know whether information you received is a possible Title IX incident, we still encourage you to call and consult with Title IX Officer. The Title IX Officer will review the information and make the determination whether the incident is covered under Title IX and relevant CSU policies.  

To report a possible incident, please email a summary of the reported incident to the Title IX and Gender Equity Officer, Skip Bishop, at titleix@sjsu.edu or 408-924-7290 (M-F, 8AM-5PM) or 669-877-0620 (After Hours, Voice/Text) or by submitting a completed Incident Reporting Form

Please include all known information, including: your name and contact information, the name and contact information of the student/employee who disclosed to you, the name of the respondent, if known, and an summary of the incident. 

If appropriate, the Title IX Office will send an outreach letter to the student/employee who experienced the incident. The outreach letter will outline their rights and options, as well as the option of scheduling a meeting with the Title IX Office.