Accelerating Emerging Technologies


SJSU researchers characterize and model cryogenic CMOS (down to 4.2K) for space and quantum computer applications. Simulation data are also generated to augment machine learning model creation for semiconductor yield improvement and physics discovery in novel transistors.

AI/Machine Learning

SJSU faculty are applying the latest advances in AI, including deep learning and machine learning, to detect cybersecurity attacks, design intelligent large-scale web systems, design acoustic systems, and improve semiconductor manufacturing processing.

CHIPS - Microprocessing Engineering Lab (MPEL)

Engineering at SJSU hosts a 5000 sq.ft. facility that supports hands-on instruction and academic research in microfabrication, process engineering, and device testing in IC design and fabrication.

Robotics and Automation

SJSU researchers are developing approaches to empower robotic systems with AI-driven solutions to allow them to have human-like perceptions and make complex decisions. Efforts are directed in improving the safety and autonomy of robotic navigation by co-designing a real-time intelligent perception system along with novel AI algorithms and high-performance AI training platform.

UAV, Unmanned Vertical Lift, Drones (Fire and Battery Intersections)

SJSU researchers are developing integrated interdisciplinary solutions and tactical strategies to assist and guide firefighters and incident commanders (ICs) in wildfire monitoring and firefighting missions based on cooperative sensing information from multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs). 

Quantum Technology

Using a variety of simulation techniques, our researchers are modeling superconducting qubit noise in quantum computers to predict the qubit readout noise, to optimize the pulse width, energy, and resonator design for high-fidelity readout.