Global University

One of the most visionary parts of the SJSU-IBM strategic partnership was the decision to share access with other universities throughout the California State University system. There are talented researchers and students all over the state of California, and SJSU is proud to be able to give them the access and opportunity they need to succeed. 

Sometimes, that access gets leveled up when IBM selects a project for a Global University Program Award. As part of our strategic partnership, IBM evaluates many of the projects using their resources through our partnership. When something catches their eye as being especially innovative or impactful, they invest more resources and grant access to their own talented researchers. 

One example of these projects is right here at SJSU. Dr. Philip Heller, Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department, is using IBM resources to student Coral Reef climate change research.  

Researchers at CSU San Bernardino reached out to IBM through our partnership to bolster their research. The CSUSB group is using IBM Machine Learning to simulate realistic avatar interactions in virtual reality environments.  

By bringing the power of private industry resources into higher education, SJSU is able to expand and elevate access for the entire CSU research community.