Exponential Theory
exponential formulas
exponential inequalities
Spectral Theory
Eigenvalues inequalities for Hermitian matrices
Singular values inequalities for general square matrices
Quaternionic Theory
quaternionic polynomials
quaternionic eigenvalues
quaternionic numerical ranges
Norm Theory
isometry groups
facial structures of unit ball
isometric isomorphisms
Multiwavelet Theory
support properties of scaling vector
matrix symbols of scaling vector
Graph Theory
Laplacian spectrum of a graph
Preserver Theory
linear preserver problems

Preprint and Recent Publication

The high road to an exponential formula.
Quadratic formulas for quaternions, with Liping Huang, Applied Mathematics Letters 15 (2002) 533-540.
Past publication (before 2002)

Upcoming and Recent Presentation

12th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society at Regina, Canada (July 2005)
11th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society at Coimbra, Portugal (July 2004)
Joint Mathematics Meeting at Phoenix (January 2004)
Joint Mathematics Meeting at Baltimore (January 2003)
Left eigenvalues of a quaternionic Matrix
CSU Hayward Colloquium (January 18, 2002)
Matrices and Graphs: a two-way street 
Joint Mathematics Meeting at San Diego (January 2002)
On preserving structured matrices using double bracket operators 
Past presentations  (before 2002)

SJSU Matrix Seminar (Summer 2002)

Enumeration of spectral triples
Computation of graph spectra
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