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Linear Algebra II


To familiarize students with the language of vector spaces and linear maps, and to lead students to a deeper understanding of the structure of linear maps on vector spaces.


Linear Algebra Done Right by Sheldon Axler


Linear Algebra is the study of linear maps on finite dimensional vector spaces. While Linear Algebra I (Math129A) focuses on vectors and matrices. Linear Algebra II (Math129B) emphases abstract vector spaces and linear maps. A central goal is to understand the structure of linear maps on vector spaces, namely the Jordan Decomposition Theorem; and the structure of linear maps on inner product spaces, namely the Spectral Decomposition Theorem.


Complex Numbers
Abstract Vector Spaces
Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces
Linear Maps
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Jordan Decomposition Theorem
Inner Product Space
Spectral Decomposition Theorem

Semester Taught and Grade Distribution

Semester A B C D F
Fall 2001 23.8% 23.8% 4.7% 14.3% 33.4%