Education is, in part, about response. It is an organic experience in which you grow and mature. What goes on in you, consciously or unconsciously?  The time you spend as a student in a classroom can at times be a mindless waste.  At other times you may experience a deep insight, a realization of your own growth, a change which surprises and pleases you.

      At the end of each class session you are required to submit a single sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11, without fuzzy edges, and with name, date, and number  written on the top right corner, on which you present an intelligent and thoughtful response to the classroom experience using at least two of the following three categories:

 1. ONE INSIGHT: What did you learn today in this classroom experience?
 2. ONE QUESTION: What question surfaces as the most important question at the end of the class?
 3. ONE CRITICISM/SUGGESTION: What problem(s) do you have with the class?  What suggestions do you have for improvement?





A      =        ca. 95% of the classes      = 30-28                

B      =        ca. 85% of the classes      = 27 to 25

C      =        ca. 75% of the classes      = 24 to 22                

D      =        ca. 65% of the classes       = 23 to 21                

F       =        < 21                                      

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