Registration Information


The Western Commission on the Study of Religion,

The American Academy of Religion/Western Region, and

The Society of Biblical Literature/Pacific Coast Region


invite you to the


 2003Annual Regional Meetings




Sunday, March 23rd – Monday March 24th, 2003

University of California at Davis

Davis, California


Enclosed is the registration information and Registration Form for the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting of the Western Region. Please read the following carefully, and return your Registration Form by March 5th.  WECSOR will mail the programs booklets--with maps--about two weeks before the meeting to all those who pre-register.  In addition to the printed Program, the conference program will be online in downloadable Word and Acrobat format at:  




          Please note that all people attending, especially the presenters and moderators, are required to pre-register for the meeting and must be current members of their respective national organizations. To join the AAR please go to:


 and to join the SBL, please go to:





Barbara DeConcini, Executive Director of the AAR, will address the question: What do we want AAR to look like in 2009?  She will bring us up to date on developments at the national level and will share her good humor and sharp insight into the academic study of religion.


For the SBL/PCR Plenary, Ann E. Killebrew, of Pennsylvania State University, will address members on the topic: Canaanites, Egyptians Philistines and Israelites: Archeology, Social Boundaries, and Ethnicity in the Biblical World.



·        Student discounted banquet:  $10.00

·        Leadership workshop:  How can I get involved with AAR/SBL? Barbara DeConcini, Session A10

·        Two day only format, beginning 8:30 a.m. Sunday ending with Wine Plus Monday Afternoon at 5:15 and then dinner on your own with your friends



·        Women’s Caucus Workshop:  Considering Possibilities

              Saturday March 22nd, 3-5 pm, Convener Kristy Coleman


So, you’ve got a graduate degree in Religion . . .


Come participate in the conversation as Religious Studies graduates share their experience and advice on different career paths.  We will hear from people whose paths include:

-         Full-time college professor: focus on the first year of teaching;

-         Marketing your artistic talents

-         The non-profit sector

-         Post-doctoral grants

-         Adjunct teaching

-         The publishing sector

-         Ministry

Everyone is welcome to attend!

March 22nd 3 pm – 5 pm  Room:  TBA


·        Graduate Student Workshop:  Saturday March 22nd,  1-3 pm, Jeffrey Williams, Claremont Graduate University, Presiding

THEME:  Workshop on preparing CVs and constructing cover letters

                                    Participants:      Linda Moody, Dean, Antioch College, Los Angeles

                                                            Maura O’Neill, Chaffey College


·        AAR/WR President’s Address: Marilyn Gottschall will address the topic,

About Diversity:  What's a Religious Studies professor to do?

·        SBL/PCR President’s Address.








A. Travel by Air:


Sacramento International Airport is the closest to Davis.  If you need a shuttle service to pick you up and bring you to your hotel, call the Davis Airporter (in advance) to make arrangements:  1-800-565-5153.  You may wish to make arrangements to have them pick you up and return you to the airport at that time as well.  Their fee is $18 each way.


 B. Travel By Car:


For general driving directions, please consult http://www.mapquest.com/  or your trustee CSAA office.  Once in Davis, please follow the directions below: 


The Aggie Inn is located at 245 First Street, at the corner of First and B Streets.  The Best Western-University Lodge is located at 123 B Street.  Simply turn right at the corner of First and B Streets.


Campus parking is also located off of First Street.  Simply continue past B Street and turn left on to A Street.  Parking lot 10 will be directly on your left, and you are free to park in any of the available space.  The main campus will be directly to your right.


Parking Downtown:  Downtown lodging is very close to campus, so you may prefer to walk rather than drive.  However, parking is available on campus in Parking Lot 10, on the corner of First and A Streets.


C. Lodging:


There are two excellent hotels in the area:


            The Hallmark Inn provides luxury rooms at convention rates of

$83.00/room single or double occupancy, 2 queen beds or one king;


Please call the Hallmark at 530-753-3600 and request the WECSOR convention rate for your room. They will hold our allotment of rooms until March 1st.


The Aggie Inn is another hotel holding rooms for us, with rooms available single or double occupancy for

$79.00/room single queen or king bed;                                    $84.00/room double occupancy, 2 queens;

$97.00/cottage suite




Please call the Aggie Inn at 530-756-0352 and ask for the WECSOR conference rate. They will hold our allotment of rooms until March 15th, no cancellations after March 22nd.



CONFERENCE INFORMATION:  Please look for the Conference Program and information at the WECSOR Web Site at http://www.sjsu.edu/wecsor.htm.












D. Registration/ Information Desk, Publishers Book Exhibit:


The Registration and Information desk will be located in the 2nd Floor Lobby area of the Memorial Union complex, central campus.  We have invited the usual group of publishing houses to display their books in the Lobby area of the complex, near the Art Gallery, which will provide maximum exposure to all attendees.  The Publishers’ Book Exhibit will be open from 8 am – 5 pm Sunday and Monday and will also be located in the 2nd Floor Lobby area of the Memorial Union complex, central campus. 


The section meetings will be held in:

Rooms on the 2nd Floor of the Memorial Union complex, and in room 126 Voorhies Hall, which is located a short distance away. 


E.  Maps:


You will receive a map with your program book upon receipt of your registration.  Maps will also be available at the registration desk and via a link to the UC Davis website:        


www.ucdavis.edu  (general)

            www.ucdavis.edu/campus-map/full.html  (campus map)


F. Contact Persons:


WECSOR:      Richard E. Keady         (408) 924-4312           rkeady@email.sjsu.edu

AAR/WR:       Pat Horn                      (909) 607-8411           patrick.horn@cgu.edu

SBL/PCR:      Tammi Schneider          (909) 607-3217           tammi.schneider@cgu.edu











2003 Annual Meeting:  AAR/WR, SBL/PCR


Member of:      AAR______                SBL______                

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________


Phone: (home) _______________________   (work)  _____________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________________



·        Women’s Caucus Workshop: I will attend _____

·        Graduate Student Workshop: I will attend _____



Associate/ Full Professor $35.00*                                                                                $_________

Assistant Professor/ Lecturer $25.00*                                                              $_________

Students $20.00                                                                                                           $_________

Independent Scholars and Benefactors $25-$100 and up                                              $_________



Women's Caucus Luncheon,  Sunday, March 23rd:

$10.00 (if purchasing lunch).  All are welcome

even if you are not purchasing lunch.                                                      $_________


AAR/SBL Reception: To assist in planning, please indicate whether you plan to attend the Sunday evening reception (no charge)                   Yes: _______ No: ________


Joint AAR/SBL Banquet,  Sunday, March 23rd: 

Chicken __ or Vegetarian __

Regular member (@ $35 -- includes wine)                                                        $_________

Student member (@ $10 -- includes wine)                                                        $_________


Queer(LGBTQ) Reception:  Sunday at ca. 9pm  @$7.00                                         $_________


Final Reception with hors d'oeuvres and wine Monday at 5 pm @ $5.00:   $_________


Check for Total Enclosed (Made out to WECSOR):                     $_________


Registration must be received by March 5, 2003; after this date registration will be limited to on-site registration; meal events will be on a space-available basis. Checks should be made payable to WECSOR and mailed along with this form to:


            WESCOR at Comparative Religious Studies Program

            San Jose State University

            One Washington Square

            San Jose, CA 95192-0097


*On-site Registration will be $40.00 for full/ associate professors; $35.00 for assistant professors/lecturers; $25.00 for students.






























WECSOR/AAR/SBL Registration

c/o Comparative Religious Studies Program

San Jose State University

Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0097