Peer Response Questions

(from Minda Chuska)


  1. What was the thesis? Does it remain intact throughout the entire draft?

  2. What are the topic sentences? Do their paragraphs develop them? Do the topic sentences support the thesis?

  3. Do you have any questions or problems with any of the ideas in the draft?

  4. Is there anything that confuses you or needs clarification?


  1. What did the writer tell you?

  2. What was the thesis?

  3. What did you like best about this draft?

  4. Which ideas, impressions, discussions, etc. do you think the writer should work on?

  5. Is there any part of this draft you had difficulty following?


  1. What is the thesis?

  2. Does every new idea and paragraph contribute to the thesis?

  3. Does every new idea fit in logically after the one before? Does every new idea make sense where it is? Should any idea be put in a different place?

  4. Is each new idea sufficiently developed?

  5. Does this draft tell the audience what it needs to know?

  6. Is there a beginning which grabs the audience?

  7. Is there an ending which brings the ideas or impressions to a close?

  8. Does each paragraph have a topic sentence stated or implied?

  9. Does each paragraph explain, support, or develop its topic sentence?

  10. Does each sentence in the paragraph have a clear connection to the next?

  11. Does each paragraph have a clear connection to the next paragraph?


  1. run-ons, fragments or comma splices?

  2. subject/verb agreement?

  3. noun/pronoun agreement?

  4. correctly matched verb tenses?

  5. verb tense shifts?

  6. paragraphs indented? logical divisions?

  7. spelling and vocabulary?

  8. apostrophes for contractions and possessives?

  9. pronoun references?

  10. sentence variety?

  11. choppiness?

  12. misplaced sentence parts?

  13. parallelism?

  14. punctuation?