ENGL 414: Fundamentals of Teaching Composition ENGL 312: Grammar for Teachers ENGL 414: Fundamentals of Teaching Composition/ENGL 417: Methods of Teaching English ENGL 290 and other Literature Courses ENGL 390: The Bible as Literature

Bible Paper Topics 1

Bible Paper Topics 2

Bible Paper Topics  3

Notes on I and II Kings

Midterm Review Sheet

Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Jessica Powers (related to the Bible)

Notes on Genesis --Chapters 6-38

ENGL 517: Teaching of Literature and YA Literature Resources

Essay on All Quiet on the Western Front

Essay on Nectar in a Sieve

Summaries of Appalachian and YA Literature (Part I)

Summaries of YA Literature (Part II)

Study Guide for Teaching the YA novels of Rebecca Caudill

Rebecca Caudill Bibliography

Rebecca Caudill Paper

Curriculum of Difference

Curriculum of Difference Power Point

Madeleine L'Engle paper

Mildred Taylor paper


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