Bible Paper 2-- Topics


l. Holy War and the Land

2. God Save [Us From] the King

3. Sexual Violence and Politics in the Family of David

4. Saul: Sinning or Sinned Against

5. Judge, Prophet, Priest, King, and the Problem of Authority

6. Hospitality--Welcoming the Stranger or Sacrificing Family

7. Circumcise Your Heart--The Role of Law in Leviticus, Numbers and             Deuteronomy

8. The Temple--God Dwelling Among the People

9. Biblical Songs--Genre of Praise, Hymns of Victory, and Oracles of Warning

10. Covenant Literature--Narratives of the Faithful and the Unfaithful

11. Life among the Other--Assimilation or Fidelity

12. Study of a Life as spokesperson for God: Moses (or Joshua, or Aaron, or David)

13. The Israelites--a Chosen Possession or Incredible Burden

14. The Colorful Careers of Judges