One Story, Two Stories: The Expulsion of Hagar


Genesis 16                                               Genesis 21


Sarah barren                                                           Sarah barren but made fertile


Sarah gives Hagar, the Egyptian to Abraham


Hagar becomes pregnant                                      Sarah gives birth to Isaac


Hagar looks "with contempt"                                Son of Hagar, the Egyptian,                                                                                              plays with Isaac


Sarah angry with Hagar                                        Sarah peremptory


A. gives Hagar into S.'s power                              A. resists S.'s wish for Hagar to                                                                                        be expelled


Hagar sent into wilderness, site by well             Hagar sent off with child


Angel (Lord) appears                                             Angel (G-d) speaks, reveals well


Promise of line to Ishmael                                    G-d with lad who "grew up,"                                                                                             takes an Egyptian wife


Ishmael is born; Abraham is 86


(The above is an example of how you might compile text evidence to present your claim about these two stories.  For any of the topics below, you might do the same kind of analysis.)


Topics for an essay related to the Pentateuch/Torah


Note: These topics are not in thesis form nor are they limited enough for development in a 3-5-page paper.  For each you need to frame a claim or an assertion, based on the evidence you locate in the text.


l. Signs of Covenant in Genesis and Exodus


2. Making a Name: The Significance of Names and Naming in Genesis and             Exodus


3. Blessings and Curses in Genesis and Exodus


4. "And Jacob blessed Pharaoh"(Gen. 47:7,10): The Image of Egypt in Genesis and Exodus


5. Seeing G-d: Patterns of Theophany in Genesis and Exodus


6. "Because the midwives feared G-d"(Exod.1: 17): G-d and Fertility in Genesis or the beginning of Exodus


7. "Is it not a little one?”(Gen:19: 20): The Image of Cities in Genesis


8. "To this day": Stories of the origins of peoples in Genesis


9. "We will call the maiden and ask her" (Gen. 24:57) : Patterns of Female Initiative in Genesis and Exodus


l0. Male and Female Rivalry in Genesis


11. "That is an Abomination to the Egyptians" (Gen. 43: 32): Meals and Hospitality in Genesis


12. "God meant it for good" (Gen. 50: 20): Joseph the Interpreter


13. "Take every man a lamb" (Exodus. 12) Patterns of Sacrifice in Genesis and Exodus


14. Arguing with G-d: The cases of Abraham and Moses


15. The Building of Altars in Genesis and Exodus