To: Authors of Young Adult Literature                                   November 15, 2001


Re: Permission to cite you and your works


I am an English professor and director of English Education at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC.  I have received a research grant from ALAN (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English) for a study entitled “Adolescent Readers in Search for Meaning: Guiding Teens to Sacred Texts.”

As a part of my research I would like to interview you regarding your writing and interest in adolescents, particularly in adolescents’ search for meaning or spiritual depth and for literature that fills many of the voids in their lives.  I intend to share my findings in a book that would have a chapter devoted to what you, authors of YA literature, have to say.  Most of the book will be devoted to an annotated bibliography of your works, accompanied by a teaching idea for each work.  I am asking for a release from you to quote you or share the results of the interviews. 

I have created a survey for adolescents; I’m attempting to gather responses nationwide from young people with a range of experiences.  I list the questions below so you can see what I’m trying to glean from the adolescent readers.  I also include my contact information which I hope will facilitate arranging an interview with you. Thank you in advance for sharing your insights with me and other readers of your writings.

Survey for Adolescent Readers in the Search for Meaning


Age:                                                Gender:


Type of High School:


Size of High School:


  1. What are the major issues you face in your life? (i.e. peer pressure, separation of parents)


  1. Where do you go to get advice or guidance for dealing with the issues listed above?


  1. Have you ever read a book or some type of writing that helped you with the issues that challenge you?  Name that book or work (s).


  1. What are some books or other writings that you’d recommend to your peers to read for finding advice or guidance?


Thank you for your input on this survey. 


Dr. Mary Warner, Associate Professor of English/Director of English Education

English Department, 305 Coulter Building

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC 28723

Phone: (828) 227-3931


Web page:

If you are willing to be interviewed and give your permission to be cited in this study, please contact me.  Thank you.




Dr. Mary Warner