Review Sheet for Bible as Literature Final Exam


I.              The History Books: I and II Samuel, I and II Kings

A.   Saul and Samuel

B.   David and Nathan

C.   Solomon

D.   Elijah

E.    Elisha

F.    General knowledge of the rise and fall of Saul; the rise and fall of David

II.            The Book of Job

III.          Be able to respond to an essay about one of the following: Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs  (you will be able to use your Bible to answer this essay)

IV.          Description of the role and personality of the prophet; description of the call of the prophet

A.   Isaiah

B.   Amos

C.   Habakkuk

D.   Hosea

E.    Jonah

F.    Jeremiah

G.   Ezekiel

V.            The genre of the Gospel of Mark

VI.          John’s Gospel—elements of the poetic, the metaphors, the prologue, the discourse of Chapters 13-17

VII.        Luke as writer of historical fiction/Acts of the Apostles, the range of genre

VIII.      The form of the Letter; ability to apply the format to the selections from the Letters of Paul we’ve studied

IX.          Characteristics of apocalyptic writings

X.            Significant people of the Christian Foundational Writings:

A.   Peter

B.   Cornelius

C.   Saul/Paul

D.   Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

E.    Barnabas

F.    Stephen

G.   Ananias/Sapphira

H.   the Centurion

XI.          Terms of significance

A.   hesed

B.   hardening of hearts

C.   apocalypse

D.   eschatology

E.    hortatory

F.    lament