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[SND]01 George Frederick Handel - Know that My Redeemer Liveth.aiff2020-03-13 08:55 56M 
[SND]02 Roland Hayes_Sister_Mary_Had-a_But_One_Child.aiff2020-03-13 09:28 4.4M 
[SND]03 William Walker - Star in the East.aiff2020-03-16 07:21 36M 
[SND]04 Hector Berlioz - LEnfance du Christ The Childhood of Christ.aiff2020-03-16 07:22 97M 
[SND]05 John Harbison - The Flight into Egypt.aiff2020-03-16 07:23 127M 
[SND]06 John Adams.aiff2020-03-16 10:29 103M 
[SND]07 William Byrd.aiff2020-03-16 10:25 23M 
[SND]08 Anonymous.aiff2020-03-16 10:22 31M 
[SND]09 Sofia Gubaidulina.aiff2020-03-16 10:18 29M 
[SND]10 Heinrich Schutz.aiff2020-03-16 10:17 29M 
[SND]11 Orlando Lassus.aiff2020-03-16 10:14 48M 
[SND]12 Bach and .aiff2020-03-16 10:13 61M 
[SND]13 Olivier Messiaen.aiff2020-03-16 10:08 28M 

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