Spring 2020

English 115 The Bible as Literature


Agenda March 18, 2020

Agenda March 23, 2020

Agenda March 25, 2020

Agenda April 6, 2020

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Agenda April 13, 2020

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Biblical Women and the Use of Allure by Ralph Willams (video)

Book of Revelation by Ralph Williams  (video)

Eccles. Song of Songs, Prov. Psalms

General Information on the Psalms

Genesis series discussants

Genres of CF Writings

Guides for Lev, Numbers, and Deut.

Isaiah by Ralph Williams (video)

It always felt to me—a wrong

Key Concepts Acts of the Apostles

Key Ideas Genesis Chs 25-50

Key Ideas on Exodus

Key Quotes

Lecture on Job by Ralph Williams (video)

Music New Testament:

        Descriptions of New Testament Music

  1. George Frederick Handel: Know that My Redeemer Liveth
  2. Roland Hayes: Sister Mary Had-a But One Child
  3. William Walker: Star in the East
  4. Hector Berlioz: L'Enfance du Christ (The Childhood of Christ)
  5. John Harbison: The Flight into Egypt
  6. John Adams: Christian Zeal and Activity
  7. William Byrd: Tu es Petrus (You are Peter)
  8. Anon: Stond wel, moder under roode
  9. Sofia Gubaidulina: Seven Words
  10. Heinrich Schutz: Saul, was verfolgst du mich (Saul, why do you persecute me?)
  11. Orlando di Lasso: Cum essem parvulus (When I was a child)
  12. Johann Sebastian Bach and Erdmann Neumeister:  Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Now Come, Savior of the Gentiles)
  13. Olivier Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time

Music Old Testament:

       Descriptions of Old Testament Music

  1. Anon: Psalm 23
  2. Anon: Psalm 114: In exitu Israel
  3. Claude Goudimel: Psalm 114
  4. William Billings: 0 Praise the Lord of Heaven
  5. Franz Joseph Haydn: The Creation – Representation of Chaos
  6. Franz Joseph Haydn: The Creation – In the Beginning
  7. Alan Hovhaness: And God Created Great Whales
  8. Henry Purcell: Sleep, Adam, Sleep
  9. Anon: Adam in the Garden Pickin' up Leaves
  10. Igor Stavinsky: The Flood - Building of the Ark
  11. Igor Stavinsky: The Flood – Catalogue of the Animals
  12. Peter Maxwell Davies: Job
  13. George Frederick Handel: Jephtha - How dark, O Lord, are thy decrees!
  14. George Frederick Handel: Jephtha - All our joys to sorrow turning
  15. George Frederick Handel: Jephtha - No certain bliss
  16. George Frederick Handel: Jephtha - Yet on this maxim still obey
  17. William Walton: Belshazzar's Feast
  18. Felix Mendelssohn - Elijah

Notes for March 23, end of Judges, I am Sam

Notes for March 25 on 2, Sam I and II Kings

Notes on Book of Job

Notes on I and II Kings

Notes on Isaiah

Notes on J, E, D, P

Notes on Jeremiah and Ezekiel

Notes on March 18 Joshua and Judges

Notes on Revelation

Notes on the Gospel attributed to John

Notes on the Gospel of Mark

Notes on the Prophets

Oral Pres Eval Sheet

Oral Presentations

Paper 1 Topics

Paper 2 Topics

Poems about Abraham, Sarah, and Lot's Wife

Regarding Essay 1 and next classes

Review for Final

Review for Midterm

Rubric Lit Analysis

Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes by Ralph Williams (video)

Student Presentations

    Archie Malapit - Outline

    Archie Malapit - Presentation

    Ariana Razo - Outline

    Ariana Razo - Presentation

    Catherine Tosti - Handout

    Catherine Tosti - Notes on Joel

    Catherine Tosti - Presentation   

    Chantel Silveira - Outline

    Chantel Silveira - Presentation

    Dan Dirilo - Outline

    Erykah Ooi - Handout

    Erykah Ooi - Presentation

    Jazmin Chilin - Outline

    Jazmin Chilin - Presentation

    Jesus Lopez - Outline

    Jesus Lopez - Presentation

    Joseph Fernandes - Outline

    Julissa Mendoza - Outline

    Julissa Mendoza - Presentation

    Katherine Vu - Outline

    Katherine Vu - Presentation

    Kayla Layaeon - Outline

    Kayla Layaeon - Presentation

    Kaylin Gamch - Outline (jpeg)

    Kaylin Gamch - Presentation

    Kenny Fung - Outline

    Kenny Fung - Powerpoint

    Kenny Fung - Presentation

    Paulina Gonzalez - Outline

    Madison Calhoon - Outline

    Madison Calhoon - Presentation

    Saraah Dickens - Outline

    Saraah Dickens - Presentation

    Sarah Nolte - Outline

    Sarah Nolte - Presentation, Biblical Women

    Sarah Nolte - Presentation, Female Initiative


Terms to Know

The Letters of CFW