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for sjsu faculty supervisor colleagues



Dear Supervisor Colleagues,
We hope this website will be a helpful resource for your planning as we navigate the implementation of PACT.
Feel free to download and use any parts of the PowerPoints below from our Fall 2006 section of 143A. 
The 143B website is also available to you as well.
Best wishes for an excellent semester, Andrea and Roxana


Useful links for Teaching/Planning


PACT Website

California State Board of Education


California State Content Standards


San Jose Education Foundation


SJSU Library Website  


Library Resource Page
Credential Candidates


Global Education/Learning Community



4/25/07 Supervisor Meeting Powerpoint

1/31/07 presentation by David Whitenack
Academic Language and the PACT Teaching Event: Identifying Language Demands and Scaffolding Content Learning and Language Development

143A Powerpoints from Fall 2006

Middle Level Emphasis - For sharing with Supervisor Colleagues

143ADay1  Model of Good Teaching

143ADay2_Early Adolescence

143ADay3_Learning Environments
143ADay5_Planning (continued)
143ADay6_Analyzing Student Work

143ADay7_Assessment & Planning
143ADay8_Reflecting on Teaching
143ADay9_Intro to Coaching Cycle
143ADay12_Writing Objectives
143ADay13_Analyzing Student Work2

143ADay14_Evaluation Forms

Collaborative Log Forms


Lesson Plan Guide


(New) Forms prepared by Judy Sugishita

I. Activities at a Glance

II. Pact Prep Schematic

III. Clipboard Notes
IV. Pre-Post Lesson
V. Context Task 1 Group Activity


SJSU Weblinks

My.SJSU Portal 

SJSU Academic Calendar 2006-07

SJSU Campus Map

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