XANADU:  From the Oxford English Dictionary (2nd ed., 1989, 2005)
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[Poetic ad. Xandu, i.e. Shang-tu, the Mongol city founded by Kublai Khan.] 

    A place suggestive of the Xanadu portrayed in Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan, with its dream-like magnificence and luxury.
Dates of reference and quotations where Xanadu appears in literature are below:

[1625 Purchas his Pilgrimes III. I. iv. 80 Xandu, which the great Chan Cublay..built; erecting..a maruellous..palace of marble. 1816 S. T. COLERIDGE Kubla Khan 55 In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree.] 1948 �J. TEY Franchise Affair i. 7 To that douce country lawyer..Scotland Yard was as exotic as Xanadu, Hollywood, or parachuting. 1958 M. KENNEDY Outlaws on Parnassus xi. 165 Desirable readers..do not expect Xanadu to put them in mind of Yarmouth. 1962 Holiday Aug. 70/1 It was only about half an hour's drive to the Xanadu of le facteur Cheval. 1969 Guardian 12 Nov. 5/7 Bob's double-tiered hideaway..overlooking the fairy-lit battlements of his Xanadu in Mayfair. 1972 K. BONFIGLIOLI Don't point that Thing at Me viii. 76 The Ambassador was at some Xanadu-like golf-links far away. 1977 Time 25 July 2/1 We have lived in Southern California for twelve years and watched nearly everything encapsulate itself within a plastic bubble; not only giant �pop Xanadus� like Sea World and Universal Studios, but also miniature golf courses, shopping centers and finally the American home.