Classic docs

Wollstonecraft, Vindication of Rights of women

Mill, On Subjection of Women

Declaration of Sentiments from Seneca Falls Convention 1848

Russian feminist Alexandra Kollontai

Argentine feminist Maria Eugenia Echenique, "Emancipation of Women" (1876)

Sojourner Truth, "Keeping the Thing Going" (1867)

Mirta Vidal, "Chicanas Speak Out" (1974)

Various women of colors docs at Duke

1979 U.S. Homemakers Bill of Rights

Koedt, "Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm"

Women's docs pre1700

Labor & Econ

Equal Pay, AFL-CIO

New Economics for Women, LA

Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

Wage Gap / Hilary Lips site

Global Women's Strike

Center for Immokalee Migrant Workers


Catherine Lavender

Lori Askeland (101 & critthink)

Racetalks Initiative

Owl@Purdue (APA, MLA)

Videos at UTSA

Media Education Foundation

Sports, baby

Women's Sports Foundation

Tucker Center Research Women & Sport


Critical Resistance

Women's ENews


Anita Borg Institute

Third WWWave

WOC Media

reGender machine

Badjens: Iranian feminists

Cultural Arts

Women Make Movies and Women in the Directors Chair

National Women's History Museum

Women's history timeline

Guerrilla Girls


WomanPlus (Russian feminist mag) / Jenda: African Women & Culture studies

UNIFEM / CEDAW* / Womenwatch
Unifem FactSheets

UK Global gender site

Sweatshop Watch

Corporate Watch

Global Exchange

Grameen Bank

[Inter-]National Labor Committee

Asian Law Caucus

Diverse Women for Diversity

National Mobilization Against Sweatshops

U Mich & Coke

BBC Country Info

U.S. Dept of State country info

more global links


Lani Guinier & MinersCanary

National Women's Law Center

Women in Parliaments & Democ page

Center for American Women and Politics

IWPR - Political Research

Emily's List




Women living under Muslim Laws

Walker's appeal

Witcombe, Eve & Identity of Women

Reclaiming Islam for Women

No to Political Islam

Dagher, Women in Islam


AskPatty  CarCare

Health & Repro Rights

PP / NARAL / Feminist Women's Health Center, Washington

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

Center for Repro Rights

Women of Color Web at Harvard

About Face: Women in Media

NIH Office of Resarch on Women's Health

Intl Lesbian & Gay assoc / U.S. Natl GL Task Force

Our Bodies, Ourselves  Esp


Women's Justice Center (domestic violence)

Natl Coalition Against Dom Violence

Family Violence Prevention Fund

silence speaks (art & dv)

Casa Amiga Juarez

Men Can Stop Rape

Men against Sexism

Center for Responsible Lending (payday/race)

CEDAW - As of 2 Nov 2006, 185 countries - over ninety percent of the members of the United Nations - are party to the Convention. An additional State has signed, but not ratified the treaty, therefore it is not bound to put the provisions of the Convention into practice. 185 ratifications, accessions and successions