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Week 1. Monday, Jan 31 Course Introduction.

Wk 2. Feb 7 Origin stories
For today’s class, READ: Genesis chs. 1:2-4, 2:5 – 3:24 and 6-9:17 (Revised Standard Version, online) & Florentine Codex selections (READER or online pdf)
Read Genesis very carefully; notice the two versions of the creation story. Try to avoid drawing on your own religious background, and read it as if you’ve never heard of Judeo-Christianity; pay careful attention to exactly what is written (or not) in the text. With the Codex, don’t worry about specific gods, but notice what it means to be male or female in various contexts. How are female and male gods different, if at all? How are the Judeo-Christian and Aztec gods different?
DUE: One Page Reading Notes
Film in class: The Five Suns

Wk 3. Feb 14 Living & Theorizing Feminisms
READ: Women’s Lives, ch. 1 (pp. 1-49); Ana Castillo, “A Countryless Woman” (RDR); definitions of Chicana Feminism at http://www.chicanas.com/defs.html; and definitions of feminism at http://ntb.stanford.edu/quotes.html
DUE: One page reading notes on one or more of this week’s readings

Wk 4. Feb. 21 Identities & Social Location
READ: Women’s Lives, ch. 1-2 (3-49, 59-69, 78-85)
DUE: One page reading notes

Wk 5. Feb. 28 Socialization & Identities II
READ: Bettie, “How Working Class Chicas Get Working-Class Lives” (RDR); Rich, “Politics of Location,” (RDR) and Reagon, “Coalition Politics” (RDR)
DUE: One page reading notes
Discussion leaders: Elise & Thao T.

Wk 6. March 7 Work, Wages & Welfare
READ: Ch. 8 (317-370)
DUE: One page reading notes
Discussion leaders: Tom, Danielle

Wk 7. March 14 Relationships, Families & Households
READ: Ch. 7 (273-315) & Pat Mainardi, “Housework” at http://www.cwluherstory.com/CWLUArchive/polhousework.html
DUE: One page reading notes
Discussion leaders: Ruth, Ellen & Juliet


Wk 8. March 21 Midterm & Movie (Salt of the Earth)

* * * 3/28 Spring Break * * *

Wk 9. April 4 Media & Pop Culture
READ: Women’s Lives, 49-57, 483-88; Grossberg et al, “Producing Identities,” (RDR); Mimi Nguyen, “Who’s Your Heroine” at
Browse Adbusters at http://adbusters.org/spoofads/
DUE: One page reading notes
Film in class: Killing Me Softly 3
Discussion leaders: Roslyn, Adriana, Thuloc

Wk 10. April 11 Sexuality and the Body
READ: Ch. 3 & 4 (111-171)
Gloria Steinem, “If Men Could Menstruate”
Nancy Mairs, “The Body in Trouble”
DUE: One page essay analyzing a magazine advertisement of your choice
AND your research paper topic
Discussion leaders: Sara, Emily, Leitha


Wk 11. April 18 Global Economies
READ: Ch. 9 (371-412)
Film: Global Assembly Line
DUE: One page reading notes
Discussion leaders: Linh, April, XXX

Wk 12. April 25 Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights
READ: Ch. 5 (173-223) & Davis, “Birth Control & Reproductive Rights” (RDR)
DUE: One page reading notes
Discussion leaders: Nora, Jeff, Heather

Wk 13. May 2 Violence
READ: Ch. 6 (225-271); Bart & O’Brien, “Stopping Rape” (RDR); Katie Koestner, “The Perfect Rape Victim” (RDR);” “12 Teaching Scenarios” at http://www.justicewomen.com/help_teach.html and browse “Tips” at http://www.justicewomen.com/tips_escape.html
DUE: One page reading notes
Discussion leaders: Veronica, Thao V., Thuan

Wk 14. May 9 Crime, War & Peace
READ: Chs. 10 & 11 (413-83)
Discussion leaders: Steve, Richard, Thao Q.

Wk 15. May 16 Semester Review
DUE: Research papers
Hand out take-home final

Final Exam due Monday, May 23 at 5:15pm

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