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Tentative Course Schedule

Date                       Topic                                                Assignments for this class


Western and Eastern Moral Approaches to Ethics

This part focuses on GE objective d). We will introduce and evaluate some major moral theories prevalent in the west and a representative moral approach in the Asian tradition, i.e., Confucian approach in virtue ethics. We will see how they could jointly contribute to our appreciation of the nature of human morality. As we are both influenced by and influence over moral values and moral realities, students will explore and evaluate the differing origins of ethical values and understand their role in this process.

8/27 (M)           Introduction                                                         None

8/29 (W)          The Nature of Morality                                       S: Ch. 1                                             


9/5                   Conduct Ethics (1): Consequentialism          S: Ch. 2, pp.43-56, 69-71                             Egoism and Utilitarianism

  9/10                Conduct Ethics (2): Nonconsequentialism      S: Ch. 2, pp.56-68                           Kant's Ethics

9/12                 Conduct Ethics (3): Toward a Synthesis         S: Ch. 2, pp.71-3; Case 2.1

9/17 – 9/19     Virtue Ethics: Confucian Approach                 R: #3; S: Case 2.2


Justice and Equality

This part focuses on GE objective b). We will assess various ways of distributing goods, services, and opportunities differ within the capitalist system as opposed to other economic systems. We will discuss how these economic systems affects the structure of diversity and equality in the US in view of structural poverty, social position, class, access to healthcare, and corporate social responsibility.

9/24 – 9/26     Justice and Economic Distribution                  S: Ch. 3; Cases 3.1/ 3.2

10/1 – 10/3     The Nature of Capitalism                                  S: Ch. 4; Case 4.3;                                                                                                       R: #4 and #5

10/8                 Case for midterm discussed

                         Review for midterm

10/10 (W)        First Midterm Exam

10/15 – 17      Corporation                                                      S: Ch. 5; Cases 5.1/5.2

Diversity in the Workplace

This part focuses on GE objective c). Discrimination limits equality and undercuts 

 social justice in the US. We discuss and evaluate forms of social actions which 

attempt to challenge workplace inequality and social injustice, including affirmative 

action, union, and minority advocacy.

10/22 – 24       The Workplace (1): Basic Issues                     S: Ch. 6; Case 6.3


10/29 – 31       The Workplace (2): Today’s Challenges         S: Ch. 7; Cases 7.1/7.4

11/5 – 7           The Moral Choices Facing Employees           S: Ch. 8; Case 8.3

11/12 –14        Job Discrimination                                             S: Ch. 9; Case 9.1


11/19                Case for the second midterm examined

                          Review for midterm

11/21 (W)            Second Midterm Exam

The World of Work

This part focuses on GE objective a). We focus on how our individual and community identity is shaped by the roles we play in the economic system and how our social behaviors bear on environment in regard to moral implications.


11/26 (M)    Advertising and the Development of racial, ethnic, S: Ch. 10, pp.363-387;                       and gender stereotypes                                              R: #6;

12/3 – 5       Environmental Ethics (1):                                        S: Ch. 11, pp.389-404;                      Business and Ecology                                                 Case 11.2; R: #7

12/5 (W)      Environmental Ethics (2):                                       R: #8; S: Ch.11,                      Daoist Approach                                                          pp.404-411; Case 11.4

12/5 (W):            Term paper due

12/10 (M)            Review for Final Exam

12/13 (Thursday) /  09:45 – 12:00: Final Examination

NOTE:  The above schedule is for guidance only and may change in the event of extenuating circumstances.