Nadia Sorkhabi, PhD

Nadia Sorkhabi

Professor, Child & Adolescent Development

Nadia Sorkhabi studies cultural variations in the effects of parent-child conflict; mothers’ and fathers’ parenting styles and practices; and marital conflict on mental health, academic achievement, social competence, communicative competence, and disclosure to parents of children, adolescents, and emerging adults.  She also studies the social cognition and moral reasoning of orthodox Muslims about religious authority, parental authority, equality, and individual rights.


  • Ph.D., Human Development, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A., Developmental Psychology, San Francisco State University
  • B.A., Clinical Psychology, San Francisco State University

Recent Publications

  • Hasebe, Y., Harbke, C., & Sorkhabi, N. (2021). Peer Bullies and Victims’ Perceptions of Moral Transgression versus Morally-Aimed Dishonesty. Critical Questions in Education, 12 (1), 40-55.
  • Amani, M., Nazifi, M., & Sorkhabi, N. (2020). Parenting styles and academic achievement of early adolescent girls in Iran: Mediating roles of parent involvement and self-regulated learning. European Journal of Psychology of Education, (online first), 1-24, DOI : 10.1007/s10212-019-00422-yEUPE-D-18-00037.5

  • Sorkhabi, N., & Middaugh, E. (2019). Domain-specific parenting practices and adolescent self-esteem, problem behaviors, and competence. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(2), 505-518.

  • Sorkhabi, N., & Dastgheib, A. S. (2018). Parent-child conflict. Encyclopedia of Life-Span Human Development. M. H. Bornstein (Ed.), pp. 1582-1583. Thousand Oaks: CA, Sage Publications Inc.

  • Sorkhabi, N., & Dastgheib, A. S. (2018). Home-school interaction. Encyclopedia of Life-Span Human Development. M. H. Bornstein (Ed.), pp. 1895-1897. Thousand Oaks: CA, Sage Publications Inc.

Recent Presentations

  • Nucci, L., Kuyel, N., & Sorkhabi, N. (April 9, 2021). Faith, morality, and god: How members of Abrahamic religions account for moral rules and natural disasters. Paper symposium to be presented at the Society for
    Research in Child Development. Virtual Biennial Meeting.
  • Middaugh, E., Sorkhabi, N., & Harrison, T. (2020 Accepted). Social media and adolescent expectations of privacy: Implications for parenting in the digital age. Poster Presentation at Society for Research on Adolescence. San Diego, California, March 19- 21.
  • Nazifi, M., Sorkhabi, N., & Alami, N. (2019, Accepted). Impact of parenting styles and marital conflict on Lebanese emerging adults' depression: Mediating role of parental nurturance and parent-child conflict. Paper Symposium (Chair, Dr. Robert Larzelere) to be presented at National Council on Family Relations. Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 20-23, 2019.

  • Sorkhabi, N., Kuyel, N., & Acar, M. (2019). The effect of religion and the quality of parent-child relationship on religious and secular Turkish adolescents and emerging adults’ reasoning about legitimacy of maternal authority. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Jean Piaget Society. Portland, Oregon, June 6.

  • Alami, N., Nazifi, M., & Sorkhabi, N. (2018). Links among Lebanese emerging adults’ perceptions of their parents’ parenting styles and their self-esteem and academic achievement: Self-construal and parental psychological control as mediators. Poster presented at annual meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence. Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 12.

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Areas of Research Interest

  • Academic achievement
  • Adolescents
  • Conflict
  • Culture
  • Emerging adults
  • Mental health
  • Parenting styles
  • Self-concept

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