Lara Ervin-Kassab, EdD

Lara Kassab

Associate Professor, Teacher Education 

The construction and composition of personal and professional identities of teachers shapes every classroom experience for students from preschool to post-graduate. Dr. Kassab is intrigued by how educators reflect upon and engage in developing their teaching selves in complex and changing contexts.


  • Ed.D., Learning and Instruction, University of San Francisco
  • M.A., Anthopology (focus on education), CSU Fullerton
  • B.A., History, Holy Names University
  • A.A., General Education, DeAnza College
  • Social Science/English Credential, San Francisco State University

Recent Publications

  • Ervin-Kassab, L. E. (2020). Why We Gather. S-STEP Newsletter.
  • Swanson, P., Rabin, C., Smith, G., Briceño, A., Ervin-Kassab, L., Sexton, D., ... & Asato, J. (2019). Trust your team: Our journey to embed social and emotional learning in a teacher education program focused on social justice. Teacher Education Quarterly, 46(4), 67-91.

  • Sexton, D. M., Kassab, L. E., Briceno, A., & Swanson, P. E. (2019). What Drives Us?: Balancing Our Identity as a Socially Just and Culturally Sustaining Teacher Preparation Program with New State Standards and Assessments.
    Teacher Education Quarterly.
  • Ervin-Kassab, L., Roddick, C., Vickery, A., & Tapper, J. (Accepted manuscript 2019) Claim-rule-connection: Justifying reasoning. Mathematics Teacher. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Recent Presentations

  • Kassab, L. E., & Drouin, S. (2020, April). MicroCommunities of Practice. AERA 2020. San Francisco, CA: AERA.
  • Kassab, L. E., Markowitz, N. L., Melnick, H., & Swanson, P. E. (2020, Spring). Preparing Teachers to Support Social and Emotional Learning: From the University to the Classroom. AACTE Spring Conference. Atlanta Georgia: AACTE.
  • Escalante, K., Soojinda, D., Reising, A., & Kassab, L. E. (2019, October). Developing Educators Who Are Literate in Equity and Inclusion: The California Teacher Performance Assessment (CalTPA). The California Council on
    Teacher Education Fall Conference. San Diego, CA: The California Council on Teacher Education.
  • Ervin-Kassab, L. (2019, March). TPEs, TPAs, TPACK, and TETCs: Working together to integrate technology into a methods course. In Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 571-574). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

  • Johnson-Leslie, N., Li, L., Grion, V., & Kassab, L. (2019, March). Technology-facilitated Formative Assessment. In Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 182-188). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

  • Escalante, K., Soojinda, D., Reising, A., & Ervin-Kassab, L. (2019, October). Developing educators who are literate in equity and inclusion: The California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA). California Council for Teacher Education Conference. San Diego, CA.

Online Resources

Areas of Research Interest

  • Assessment literacy
  • Communities of practice
  • Culturally sustaining pedagogies
  • Educator professional development
  • Equity
  • Teacher identity
  • Technological pedagogical content knowledge

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