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eddie europa


Eduardo Europa is a speech-language pathologist and teacher-scholar that specializes in language and cognitive disorders caused by neurodegenerative disease (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal lobar degeneration) or stroke. Using behavioral methods and MRI, Dr. Europa studies the nature and treatment of stroke-induced and primary progressive aphasia. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling with his husband and their dog and exploring his Filipino roots through cooking and baking.


  • Ph.D., Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University
  • M.A., Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University
  • B.A., Cognitive Science, minor in Music, University of California, Berkeley

Recent Publications

  • Tee, B.L., De Leon, J., Kwan Chen, L.L.Y., Miller, B.L., Lo, R., Europa, E., Sudarsan, S., Grasso, S.M., & Gorno-Tempini, M.L. (2021). Tonal and orthographic analysis in a Cantonese-speaking individual with nonfluent/agrammatic variant primary progressive aphasia. Neurocase, 1-10.

  •  Europa, E., Iaccarino, L., Perry, D.C., Weis, E., Welch, A.E., Rabinovici, G.D., Miller, B.L., Gorno-Tempini, M.L., & Henry, M.L. (2020). Diagnostic assessment in primary progressive aphasia: An illustrative case example. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 

  • Borghesani, V., Hinkley, L.B., Ranasinghe, K.G., Thompson, M.M.C., Shwe, W., Mizuiri, D., Lauricella, M., Europa, E., Honma, S., Miller, Z., Miller, B., Houde, J.F., Gorno-Tempini, M.L., & Nagarajan, S.S. (2020). Taking the sub-lexical route: Brain dynamics of reading in the semantic variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia. Brain, 143(8), 2545-2560.  

  • Barbieri, E., Mack, J.E., Dougherty, B.M., Europa, E., & Thompson, C.K. (2019). Recovery of offline and online sentence processing in aphasia: Language and domain-general network neuroplasticity. Cortex, 120, 394-418. 

  • Europa, E., Gitelman, D.R., Kiran, S., & Thompson, C.K. (2019). Neural connectivity for processing noncanonical sentences with syntactic movement. Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, 13, 27.

Recent Presentations

  •  Battista, P., Borghesani, V., Erkkinen, M. G., Montembeault, M., Tee, B. L., Europa, E., Welch, A. E., Lee, S. E., Miller, B. L., Mandelli, M. L., Gorno-Tempini, M. L., & Miller, Z. A. (2022, April). Expanding the Clinical Presentations of Primary Progressive Aphasia: Evidence of Progressive Dynamic Aphasia. Poster presented at the American Academy of Neurology Conference in Seattle, WA. 

  •  Miller, C., O’Connell, M. K., Berstis, K., Europa, E., Grasso, S. M., Robinaugh, G., Schaffer, K. M., Tessmer, R., Wauters, L. D., Gorno-Tempini, M. L., Dial, H., & Henry, M. L. (2021, October). Effects of Lexical Retrieval Treatment on Written Naming in Primary Progressive Aphasia. Poster presented at the Academy of Aphasia Virtual Conference.

  • Wauters, L., Europa, E., Robinaugh, G., Schaffer, K., & Henry, M. L. (2021, October). Retraining syntactic structures via script training in progressive aphasia: evidence for implicit learning in agrammatism. Poster presented at the Academy of Aphasia Virtual Conference.

  • Europa, E., Battistella, G., Dial, H., Grasso, S.M., Hubbard, H.I., Miller, C., Wauters, L.D., Welch, A.E., Mandelli, M.L., Gorno-Tempini, M.L., & Henry, M.L. (2021, May). Multimodal MRI correlates of positive treatment outcomes in non-fluent/agrammatic primary progressive aphasia. Platform session presented at the Clinical Aphasiology Virtual Conference.

  •  Dial, H., Grasso, S., Hubbard, I., Schaffer, K., Wauters, L., Europa, E., Wineholt, L., Gorno-Tempini, M.L., & Henry, M. (2019, October). Gray matter predictors of treatment outcomes in semantic variant primary progressive aphasia. Poster presented at the Academy of Aphasia Conference in Macau, China.

Research Interest

  • aphasia
  • primary progressive aphasia
  • cognition
  • motor speech
  • Alzheimer’s disease Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Magnetic resonance imaging

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